Digital communication design

Communication is going digital, with every company/ brand/ organisation/ person making sure that they & their work are present on the internet. Starting from the very popular Facebook to the niche & dedicated Tumbler, there are various social media platforms to showcase your work. But how do you make sure that you are giving the right information to the right people in the right manner? Answer the below questions & you may take the first steps to digital communication.

What is your idea
The first step is to determine what is it that you want to communicate. Is it a product/ service/ individual/ organisation? Your target audience will determine the right platform for you. For example, if you provide toys then you would want to be present on a platform where parents are present. On the other hand, if you are providing a service then it would make more sense to be present on platforms where recruiters are present. You yourself could also be the product. In that case, you need to determine the target audience you wish to reach.

What is your platform
Once your idea is ready, the next step is to determine the right platform to showcase it. This means that you have to know your target audience. Who are the people who would require your product/ services & where are they present? If your target audience is mainly on Facebook, then it is a waste of time, energy & resources to be present on LinkedIn. Similarly, if it is a niche audience that is present on Tumbler, then resources would be wasted on any other social media. As per your requirement, you could also target a combination of platforms.

What is your message
You have the idea & the platform ready. But all will fail if you do not give out the right message. You have to know a few key features of your product/ service & make them the highlight of your communication. You have to give your audience a reason to be interested enough to ask questions that would lead to the final purchase.

How to create an impactful message
Once your idea, platform & message are ready, the most important thing is to design an impactful message. By this we mean, that you need to create the right balance of text & images so that your target audience gets the message easily & at one go. Depending on your product/ service you will have to choose the right colours, images & words to communicate your message. Remember that the digital medium is very fast & compact. Thus, your message has to grab attention within the first four seconds of its appearance on the screen.

How to reach people
Getting the right words, colours & platform is not enough to reach the target audience. As in the real world, the digital world also works on advertising. But digital advertising is a little different & can be approached through multiple channels. You can place ads & promote your message on your platform & also reach out to people cross-platform, based on their interests & activities. A large part of it also depends on effective SEO practices.

How to track progress
So you have done everything possible to place your message in the right place for the right people. But it is important to track your progress & that of your message so that you can judge what works & what does not. There are various digital analytical tools available. Google analytics is the most popular tool in the digital world.

Digital communication design is the future of media publicity. You can practice all of the above on your own or learn the intricacies by joining a course. Arena Animation offers a 6-month course in digital communication design that prepares you for various job opportunities in content, design & analytics in the digital world.

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