At Arena Animation, we are committed to protecting our students and the industry from counterfeiters of our certificates. Hence, we provide you an opportunity to verify your certificate or performance statement, online. For employers, this program is their assurance that you are qualified, skilled, and job-ready.

How To Verify My Certificate/Performance Statement?

Enter your name & certificate no. or Performance Statement (PS)
Click Submit

The program validates your information & tells you right away if your certificate is genuine.

Benefits of your genuine certificate

    • Brand recognition with employers/industry
    • Easy authentication of your certificate by your employer, as and when they want to
    • Alumni discount* on Arena Animation courses you may enroll for in the future
    • 2-year continued access to Onlinevarsity from the date of certification#
    • Authentication by embassies/ govt. authorities as and when required
    • Search-friendly CV

    *Terms & conditions apply


Is it important to validate my certificate/ performance statement?

Yes, it is. Counterfeit is now everywhere. From fake pen drives to power banks, and rip-offs of luxury brands such as Rolex & Gucci, to spare parts for automobiles, there are counterfeit copies of almost every brand, and every product. This tragedy has impacted education as well. Fake degrees & certificates have ruined many lives & careers, and governments as well as companies are taking steps to address this problem. Arena Animation too has experienced the challenge of protecting students & prospective employers from counterfeiters of our certificates. Today, companies are well aware that many candidates may not possess genuine certification, and they eliminate such candidates during the selection process for jobs. At Arena Animation, we are working to make this task a little easier for students, as well as employers. Thanks to this facility, our students - and their prospective employers - can easily confirm that their Arena Animation certification is 100% genuine.

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