Job placements

  • Name: Rajesh Gaud
  • Working with: Amazon
  • Designation: 3D Modeler

  • Name: Divya Mohan
  • Working with: MPC
  • Designation: Texturing Artist

  • Name: Juvvagani
  • Working with: TV9
  • Designation: 3D Animator

  • Name: Perumalla
  • Working with: DQ Entertainments
  • Designation: 3D Animator

  • Name: Puneeth
  • Working with: Amazon
  • Designation: 3D Modeling Artist

  • Name: Shreyas Bhat
  • Working with: Amazon
  • Designation: 3D Modeling Artist

  • Name: Rohit Mohan
  • Working with: Ogilvy Advertising
  • Designation: Photoshop Artist

  • Name: Samaksh Jain
  • Working with: Frame Picture Studio
  • Designation: 3D Animation Artist

  • Name: Amarnadh Valisetty
  • Working with: Maya Digital Studios
  • Designation: 3D Lighting

  • Name: Bishworjit Singh Athokpam
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer

  • Name: Dhivya
  • Working with: Ad2pro Media
    Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Designation: Designer

  • Name: Balagoni
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer

  • Name: Daniel Saswat Victor
  • Working with: RinseUp
  • Designation: Graphic Designer

  • Name: Roshan Gope Anuj
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer

  • Name: Jitender Kumar A
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer


Arena creative minds 2014

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Arena students placed in top companies across India!

  • Aaj Tak
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • Colors
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Famous Studio
  • Firefly Creative Studio
  • Hindustan Times
  • Makuta Visual Effects
  • MPC Studio
  • NDTV
  • Paytm
  • Prana Studio
  • Prime Focus
  • Red Chillies
  • Zee Media


  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Student Testimonial
    Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Student Testimonial
    Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Recruiter Testimonial
  • Success Stories Testimonial
  • Franchisee Testimonial

Arena students share their success stories. Watch students & industry professionals speak about animation & VFX careers. Click here


Click & read their journey through a world-class education experience in Animation, VFX, Web Designing, Graphic Designing & Gaming.

student 1

Aseem Gill,

Animator with Cadence Design System, Noida.

Aseem Gill is an animator working with Cadence Design System, Noida. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Animation & Multimedia from Arena Animation, Delhi in 2013.

Excerpts from a short interview with Aseem:

Q: What made you decide to join the field of animation?

A: 3D films, animated characters, cartoons, illustrations, visual effects are what attracted me to pursue a Degree course from Arena Animation. I started my journey in the field of animation after completing my 10+2.

Q: What did you learn during the course?

A: With exposure to motion graphics, 3D modeling, rendering, texturing & various elements of animation, I got an opportunity to explore my creativity by giving life to objects. My faculty always supported & guided me to create 3D short films, which gave me a practical approach to the process.

Q: According to you, what is required to enter the industry?

A: You must be sharp with the tools & techniques used to create the desired effects and to fit in this industry. Always create a portfolio of your work as most of the companies would like to see your work before hiring you. Fortunately, I got to learn all the desired skills from Arena Animation, which helped me to enter the industry.

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student 1

Biplap Dey

Biplap Dey is an animator working with Technicolor. He completed the Career program in Animation Film Making (DAE) from Arena Animation, Bangalore.

Read the rest of Biplap’s story in his own words:

“Instead of taking the traditional route that people normally opt for, I always wanted to enter an industry where I could explore my creativity to its fullest. I didn’t want to stick to one place and do the same nine-to-five office job. Arena showed me the way to reach where I always wanted to be.

As a student I did a lot of projects in 2D animation, and 3D motion with the help and guidance of Arena’s faculty. This also helped me develop skills for everyday tasks at work.

The most fabulous part of being in animation is that you get an opportunity to work in the industry where you can give life to still drawings and images.

With the learning opportunities and a cooperative work environment in the academy, as well as the industry, I realized that you can explore various fields in animation but you should always excel in a specific field as the industry demands your perfection and expertise in a particular field.

Arena Animation has helped me obtain the required skills to become a professional in this dynamic industry. You must be hardworking and passionate enough for the industry. Rest, Arena Animation will guide you to reach your goals.”

My message to newcomers in this field is:

If you want to pursue a career in the creative field, then focus on your passion; money will come but you need to put efforts to showcase your talent. Work hard!

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student 1

Sachin Singhi

Arena ex-student Sachin Singhi tells us about his exciting journey into animation & multimedia and how it led to a fulfilling career for life:

I currently work with Symphony Services, Pune. After completing Arena's Diploma in Web Engineering from Indore, I started as a graphic designer and then moved into web development, before taking on my current role as a Lead UI Developer. In my current job, I lead a team of web designers & developers.

To go back to the beginning, I was mad about multimedia right since my high school days. I felt that Arena was the best institute to join to get my dreams fulfilled. Those days, Arena had a full-fledged Diploma in Web Engineering course. The course duration was 2.5 years.

Through the Web Engineering course, Arena showed me the path to fulfill my dreams. The faculty was good and helped me understand the basic concepts of web development. For all-round development, they organized several extracurricular events & competitions including the September bash, various logo design & graphic design competitions as well as some training projects.

In fact, I even got my first job during my first year of studying at Arena. I joined MasterMind Computers as a 'Multimedia Designer'. My first salary was rather low since I was still a student but once I completed the course, my salary grew as quickly as my career did!

My first job required all the skills I had learned at Arena. But I learnt to keep myself alert to learn on-the-job in order to grow with the industry.

In 2003, I completed my course and received job placement assistance from Arena. Sanjay sir (Head, Arena Multimedia, Indore) too helped me a lot. He recommended me to his contacts and I got a job quickly.

Fast-forward a few years. My current job includes a lot of web development. It is very interesting and requires keeping up pace with the industry. This is because there is much happening in the field of web development and lots of innovative technologies are in the market today.


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student 1

Chaitree Basak

Chaitree Basak is a US-based Multimedia Consultant who freelances with various companies there. After her Bachelor's degree in commerce, Chaitree was looking for a long-term career path.

So she joined Arena Multimedia at Kankurgachi, Kolkata, mainly because she wished to hone her skills in Graphic Designing. She enrolled for Arena's 12-month Professional Certificate in Web Designing (PCWD)* and passed out in August 2005. Then she went on to complete her Master's Degree in Media Designing from the US.

(Note: Currently, Arena has replaced this course with the more intensive Graphics & Web Design course).

Read the rest of her story, in Chaitree's own words:

After my first semester with Arena, I got admission to Laroche College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, for my Master's degree.

Arena helped me a lot. I had joined the PCWD course to gain knowledge of multimedia to help me create my first portfolio. This portfolio helped me gain admission to a US University.

After I came to the US, I changed my first college and switched to the Digital Media Arts College in Florida. Having completed my first semester here, I got selected to become a Teaching and Graduate Assistant - which was my first job as a Designer. Also, I received a good Scholarship from my college, again based on the first portfolio which I had created with Arena.

Having completed my Master's Degree here in the US, I worked as a Multimedia Designer with Verizon IT, which is the best 3G network company in the USA. I got paid around US $3000 (approximately Rs. 1,44,000) for a 15-day project.

Currently, I work as a Consultant & Freelancer with various companies in the US. My whole career is dedicated to multimedia.

A career in this field is exciting but it can also be rather demanding. To cite an example, there is one instance I would like to mention in particular. I was working with Verizon IT and was asked to make a film on their new products' presentation. For this project, I had to work from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day! It was very challenging. I completed the project in time, using Flash & Premier software.

For newcomers to this field, I have the following advice

  • First of all, try to understand which is the best media for you - Printing or Web or Audio or Visual. In multimedia, there are many different paths. Just be sure of what you are most comfortable with.
  • Remember the 3 Ps: Practice, Patience & Presentation.

Practice working with various software as much as possible. I would practice for 7-9 hours daily.

Patience means you have to go through loads of detailing, adjustments & better approaches for each project that you do. You should also be patient about your career as it picks up at a very slow speed. It's only after a few years that you will see your efforts paying off in the form of your bank balance.

Presentation is very important for people like us. After a certain age, you need to showcase your own portfolio, have your own branding and also advertise your own skills.

That's it from me! All the best!


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student 1

Rohit Dass

Rohit Dass is a Graphics Artist working with SMCI Digi Media. This is his first job after completing a career program in 2008 from Arena Animation, Preet Vihar centre in Delhi. Moving up the ladder, Rohit is now the Head

Read the rest of Rohit's story in his own words:

I always wanted to get into Animation since I was influenced by my cousins, who are also working and earning handsomely in the same field. Also, since it's an era of dual qualifications, going for an Arena course was a very lucrative option.

Arena has a strong track record of success within my family. This factor alone made me go directly there for admission; I didn't visit any other animation academy.

When I went there for the first time, there were many questions in my mind such as: My job prospects after completing my course and the placements provided by Arena. But my doubts were cleared at the very first meeting itself.

The one-and-a-half years that I spent there were entertaining and educative; the faculty was very helpful indeed - from print to web and from web to 3D, they were always there with me as a strong support system.

Apart from classroom sessions, we had regular seminars on Saturdays along with picnics and parties too. The seminars were what I enjoyed the most, as Arena does have a tendency to rope in the best in the industry for seminar sessions, and it's this knowledge that still helps me today.

If one can see the market scenario today, where would one find placement opportunities as good as those that Arena offers? Besides this, Arena does not concentrate on a particular software or stream. The Academy deals with all the current software used in the designing modules today, so that there are ample opportunities for students to showcase their talent in the field of their choice.

My prime concern was job security and Arena assured me of ample opportunities in the job market. As regards the rest, it's up to the creativity of the student.

A newcomer to any field needs to be versatile. Since I was trained in Arena, the guidance provided at the Academy helped. The only new thing that I had to get on-the-job was 'experience'. The rest, they taught me at Arena.

In any job, creativity is the exciting factor; one has to explore it in each and every minute of one's life, making the journey to success an exciting one.

In terms of experience, I have created various websites, static and flash advertisements for web, print materials like pamphlets, flex, catalogues, card designs, hoardings, newspaper advertisements, graphics for newspaper, magazine advertisements, image editing for brand promotions and also a series of brand labels for a Unani healthcare firm.

My message to newcomers in this field is:

Those seeking a career in animation/ multimedia/ gaming, always stay focused towards your goal till you achieve success, as success at times does arrive late. But never give up.


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