Job placements

  • Name: Rajesh Gaud
  • Working with: Amazon
  • Designation: 3D Modeler

  • Name: Divya Mohan
  • Working with: MPC
  • Designation: Texturing Artist

  • Name: Juvvagani
  • Working with: TV9
  • Designation: 3D Animator

  • Name: Perumalla
  • Working with: DQ Entertainments
  • Designation: 3D Animator

  • Name: Puneeth
  • Working with: Amazon
  • Designation: 3D Modeling Artist

  • Name: Shreyas Bhat
  • Working with: Amazon
  • Designation: 3D Modeling Artist

  • Name: Rohit Mohan
  • Working with: Ogilvy Advertising
  • Designation: Photoshop Artist

  • Name: Samaksh Jain
  • Working with: Frame Picture Studio
  • Designation: 3D Animation Artist

  • Name: Amarnadh Valisetty
  • Working with: Maya Digital Studios
  • Designation: 3D Lighting

  • Name: Bishworjit Singh Athokpam
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer

  • Name: Dhivya
  • Working with: Ad2pro Media
    Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Designation: Designer

  • Name: Balagoni
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer

  • Name: Daniel Saswat Victor
  • Working with: RinseUp
  • Designation: Graphic Designer

  • Name: Roshan Gope Anuj
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer

  • Name: Jitender Kumar A
  • Working with: RealPage
  • Designation: 3D Visualizer


Arena creative minds 2014

Showcase your skills, learn more & have fun!


Arena students placed in top companies across India!

  • Aaj Tak
  • Accenture
  • Amazon
  • Colors
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Famous Studio
  • Firefly Creative Studio
  • Hindustan Times
  • Makuta Visual Effects
  • MPC Studio
  • NDTV
  • Paytm
  • Prana Studio
  • Prime Focus
  • Red Chillies
  • Zee Media


  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Student Testimonial
    Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Student Testimonial
    Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Arena Animation Student Testimonial
  • Recruiter Testimonial
  • Success Stories Testimonial
  • Franchisee Testimonial

Arena students share their success stories. Watch students & industry professionals speak about animation & VFX careers. Click here


Click & read their journey through a world-class education experience in Animation, VFX, Web Designing, Graphic Designing & Gaming.

student 1

Samaksh Jain

3D Animation Artist at Frame Picture Studio

"Most promising education centre. Today I feel very proud because I am a student of Arena Animation. I would like to thank Arena for the support of the placement cell."

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student 1

Manas Mondal

Graphic Designer at SBBS Infotech

"The education and training I got from Arena helped me in a lot in getting placed successfully. The placement cell at Arena is caring and friendly."

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student 1

Mohammed Rassiwala

Graphic Designer at Virim Infotech

"This is the best place to turn your dreams into reality. More than expected!"

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student 1

Isaac Johnson

3D Junior Animator at Sun Technologies

"Great institute! Thanks for shaping up my career getting me a job at Sun Technologies."

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student 1

Rohit Mohan

Photoshop Artist at Ogilvy Advertising

"Best faculty, best training; very good placement."

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student 1

Surojit Halder

Logo Designer, Kreative Fingers, Kolkata.

Surojit Halder is a logo designer working with Kreative Fingers, Kolkata. He is pursuing a career program Arena Animation International Program (AAIP – Animation) from Arena.

“I am still in the learning phase but was lucky enough to get a chance to work while studying. All thanks to Arena Animation. I appeared for two to three interviews but I preferred to work in Kreative Fingers so that I could manage my work along with my classes,” says Surojit.

Working while studying has also helped him get a deeper understanding and practical experience of the industry.

Surojit explains, “The industry requires dedication & commitment towards your job. At Arena, I have always received a supportive hand while taking major career decisions.”

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student 1

Maitraya Adhikari

Maitraya Adhikari is a 3D Art Director working with Bates CHI & Partners, Kolkata. He completed a career program in Animation from Arena Animation.

My inspiration

Since my childhood, I was extremely inspired by cartoons. My curiosity about cartoons brought me into this industry. After completing my course with Arena, I started training students in animation. The most important part of being in this industry is that you need to sharpen your skills on tools & techniques of the software.

Getting into art direction

After joining Bates CHI & Partners, I stared working in art direction. As a student in Arena Animation, I had participated in a lot of competitions. One of my short films got selected at an international film festival. Through these competitions, I realized that you should always take a practical approach to learning. It will definitely help you have better vision, whether you animate with software or tell a story.

Passion, skill & uniqueness

In this industry, you need to find passion in your work. It includes a lot of minute work, which needs to be perfect. Your portfolio shouldn’t only indicate your skill set, but also bring out your own uniqueness.

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student 1

Shruthi S.

3D Modeller, Gaming Artist, Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore. Shruthi S. is a gaming artist working with Dhruva Interactive, Bangalore

My first job!

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Animation & Multimedia from Arena Animation, I joined Technicolor as a gaming artist. My inclination towards artistic things has brought me to the creative industry.

After entering the industry, I realized that what I required was in-depth exposure to certain work profiles in the industry. The company demands perfection and expertise in a particular field. I enhanced my skills during my first job.

Arena days

At Arena, we got a wonderful platform to learn and explore our creativity. I did a lot of projects during my course, mostly 3D short films. Working on projects gave us practical experience along with the learning of how to work in a team. Each of us has some unique talent and Arena Animation helped me build confidence about my skills & talent.

Round of interviews

I appeared for 4-5 job interviews. They checked my portfolio as they expected a professional portfolio. But beyond that, they were looking for the amount of interest a particular candidate has for the industry.  

Know yourself

You need to do a lot of research to know where your interest lies. You cannot do everything.  Therefore, choose an appropriate field where you would enjoy working.


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student 1

Akansha Sarin

Web designer with Magic Software, Noida.

Akansha Sarin is a web designer working with Magic Software, Noida. She completed a career program in Graphics & Web designing (GWD) from Arena Animation.

Making the right career decision!

I was unsure about my career as I completed my MBA & then realized that my inclination is not towards a boring office job. I went through various career counseling sessions as I didn’t want to end up in a field that doesn’t excite me to work.

Time to take the step!

I took the big step and shifted my career to the in-demand profession of website designing. Well, my family members were also my source of motivation as they were already into this profession.

Round of Interviews

Arena Animation helped me obtain the required skills through different projects in website designing & development. This also helped me crack various job interviews. In one of the interviews, I was told to take on a project to develop a website on a particular theme within 1.5 hours. The opportunity and experience of projecting my creativity & impressing the interviewer with my work - was fabulous!

With many cutting-edge and cool websites coming up, there is a lot of scope in the industry. You need to have the right attitude & passion to enter this industry.

 My message to newcomers in this field is:

Work hard & express your creativity to its fullest.

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student 1


Graphics Artist, UG Software Technology, Noida.

Priya is a graphics artist working with UG Software Technology, Noida. Her passion for designing brought her to this industry. She completed a career program in Graphics & Web Designing (GWD) from Arena Animation.

“Imagination, expression, and creative thinking are required to enter the fun-filled career of graphics & web designing,” says Priya, adding that she always wanted to work in an industry related to art & design. Arena Animation showed her the path from where she was able to enhance her skills in graphics & illustrations.

Apart from classroom sessions at Arena, Priya worked on e-projects, which helped her learn about the practical aspects of the industry. With the projects, she quickly discovered that she needed to brush up her software skills.

“I’ve never had so much fun learning anything. The faculty at Arena Animation helped us a lot in enhancing the skills required for this industry,” she says.  

Priya’s message to newcomers in this field:

Work hard! This is a very challenging industry that requires you to constantly push yourself to be more creative with your art.

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