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Arena animation organises a screening of Delhi Safari for underprivileged children from Ranthambore

Ranthambore, October 9, 2012Arena Animation along with noted environmentalist, Mr. Bittu Sahgal with support from Krayon Pictures and PETA held an event at Ranthambore, Rajasthan where they screened ‘Delhi Safari’ for the underprivileged children. More than 1000 Happy kids and over 400 adults from nearby villages, attended the special screening.

A rare show which was marked with a lot of laughter, smiles and dances from the audience had a combination of emotions weighing heavy on the kids. It was a great gift that the film was shown to the very audience that understands the fundamentals of sustainable and inclusive living as we witnessed a lot of kids dressed up as animals showcasing huge interest. Few even went up to the organizers and pleaded that the tigers should not be killed, as shown in the movie which gives an idea of their deep understanding on how important it is to save nature.