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Arena creative minds 2012

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Arena centre in Kolkata organizes 3-day animation workshop by professional animator

Kolkata: Arena’s Park Street centre in Kolkata conducted a successful seminar on Stop Motion animation & followed it up with a 3-day workshop on various aspects of puppet-making & Stop Motion animation.

This workshop was conducted by Delwyn Jude Remedios, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID). Delwyn’s films have won awards & acclaim both within India & overseas.

Workshop: Day One

15 students were divided into 3 groups and assigned the task of coming up with a story concept & idea for a short Stop Motion film. After discussing various concepts, characters & stories, the students made a list of things they would require to make their film. These included aluminium wires, thermocol, M-Seal and Leukoplast for puppet rigging.

The day ended with a showcase of some short films on stop motion, a few NID diploma projects, as well as a full-length feature film titled ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ created by Miazaki.

Workshop: Day Two

The students brought the material required & Delwyn taught them puppet-making by showing them the entire process & technique of creating a base for the models for the characters of their films. Some adventurous students even created animals & other quadruped characters even though they were only taught to created human characters.

Delwyn explained to the students the importance of creating light-weight characters to facilitate the animation process.

There was also a brainstorming session on storyboards planned by the 3 groups. Delwyn shared a few tips & tricks about drawing and made suggestions regarding treatment & styling of scenes.

After this, another feature film titled ‘Coraline’ was screened, which left the students spellbound. The second day’s session closed with the screening of a few of Delwyn’s own works. The assignment for the day was to complete the storyboard before the next day.

Workshop: Day Three

This was the day for the final wrap-up of the concept & storyboard and the students were told to prepare animatics for their films before venturing into final production.

Many students also discussed their upcoming films, projects & concepts with Delwyn, who patiently heard them out & provided valuable suggestions for improvements. He advised the students to watch a lot of films to enhance their knowledge of filmmaking.

Overall, the workshop turned out to be a fun & exciting experience for all the animation enthusiasts at Arena Park Street.

Here’s looking forward to more such workshops all over the country!

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