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Creative Minds

Arena creative minds 2012

A creative platform for students to showcase some brilliant work.

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Students Win Competitons At Creative Minds, Lucknow, 2017

Creative Minds Powered by Shotgun is a zonal-level student competition conducted by Arena Animation. The event was held on October 11, 2017, at The Grand JBR, Lucknow. 300+ students from various Arena Animation centres attended the event.

Students presented their works in categories like cover design, mobile website design, character animation sequence, 3D product packshot, 3D character asset development, roto matchmoving, 3D architectural visualization, and VFX compositing.

One of the highlights of the event include a session on Hollywood blockbuster VFX by Dijo Davis, MPC Studio, Bangalore, showcasing VFX breakdown of films - A Monster Calls, Alien Covenant, and Ghost in the Shell. Another notable session was on VFX of the Indian epic historical action film Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion, by Pete Draper, Makuta VFX, Hyderabad.

Mobile Website Design
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Ranjeet Kumar Verma Varanasi - Bhelupur
Second Alok Kumar Verma Lucknow - Hazratgunj
Third Pradeep Tyagi Agra - Sanjay Place
Character Animation Sequence
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Rudra Pratap Laha Varanasi - Rathyatra
Second Laxmi Narayan Lucknow - Hazratgunj
Third Zahar Imran Kanpur - Kakadeo
3D Architectural Visualization
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Chitransh Srivastava, Manish Sharma, Aditya Mukherjee, Satyendra Kumar Gautam Varanasi - Bhelupur
Second Abhishek Ankit, Siddhant Tanya Gorakhpur
Third Hanumant Singh, Dinesh Yadav Varanasi - Rathyatra
3D Character Asset Development
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Shubham Bind Varanasi - Bhelupur
Second Jay Prakash Patel Varanasi - Bhelupur
Third Siddhant Sharma Varanasi - Bhelupur
Cover Design
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Kunal Saxena Agra - Dholpur House
Second Shivam Sharma Agra - Dholpur House
Third Jafferseon Sewak Aligarh - Marris Road
VFX Compositing
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First S.Ejaz Hasan Zaidi, Sandeep Narayan Lucknow - Hazratgunj
Second Abhishek Kumar Gorakhpur
Third Ashish Kr Verma Varanasi - Rathyatra
3d Product Packshot
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Divyansh Dubey Lucknow - Alambagh
Second Ranjeet Verma, Aayush Dave Varanasi - Bhelupur
Third Nikhil Kumar Kanpur - Kakadeo
Roto Matchmoving
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Avinash Kapoor, Aman Mehlotra Lucknow - Hazratgunj
Second Brijesh Kumar Tiwari Varanasi - Bhelupur
Third Bablu Paswan Varanasi - Bhelupur

Congratulations to the winners!