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Creative Minds

Arena creative minds 2012

A creative platform for students to showcase some brilliant work.

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Mini Creative Minds 2017 held at Arena Animation, RS Puram, Coimbatore


Creative Minds is a zonal level student competition, where students produce and showcase some brilliant work. Recently, a mini Creative Minds event was held at Arena Animation, RS Puram, Coimbatore on June 21, 2017. The event showcased the work of students competing at all India level in designing, animation, and editing categories. The guests of honour at the event were:

  • • Rajesh Kumar (Regional academic head)
  • • Jai Sankanthan - (Vice president of New Version Studios)
  • • Yogan - (VFX supervisor)
  • •Veerappan (Director, Arena Animation, RS Puram Coimbatore)


How students benefit from this event

The interactions were knowledgeable. The creativity of students was evaluated keeping in mind the current needs of the industry. The discussions about new trends in animation & VFX industry, and skills that need to be developed along with learning software, were helpful. Both students and faculty received valuable feedbacks on their works.

At the event, students received an insight on how to cope up with the emerging work pressure. They learned that enjoying the workplace and seeing work as a hobby makes work easy. Breaking the monotonous work habit and upgrading oneself is the key to success.

Mini Creative Minds is a sneak-peek into the real work culture of the industry. The event motivated the students to work hard. They were also persuaded to think out of the box.