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Creative Minds

Arena creative minds 2012

A creative platform for students to showcase some brilliant work.

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Students bag trophies & certificates at Creative Minds 2016, Lucknow

Arena Animation’s zonal level competition, Creative Minds, was held on August 5, 2016 at JBR Grand, Lucknow. Over 500 students from various Arena Animation centres across Uttar Pradesh participated in the event.

Atul Bhatkar (technical director, ePlus Studios) & Jagadish B V (talent lead, Dhruva Interactive) judged the student works. These industry experts conducted exclusive seminars on the topics, 3D version of Disney Birthday Bhoot & Character Design for Games.

Students presented their outstanding works in competition categories – 3D architectural visualization, character animation sequence, facial modeling & rigging, product packshot, character design, digital illustrations, visual effects scene, website design & social media video.

3D Architectural Visualization
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Manish Yadav, Anjali Singh Aligarh
Second Pritam,Somi, Bhanu Gorakhpur
Third Anmol Ahuza , Prashant Singh Lucknow Hazratgunj
Character Animation Sequence
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Vivek Singh Gorakhpur
Second Ankush Chauhan Aligarh
Third Mukesh Varanasi RathYatra
Facial Modeling & Rigging
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Kuldeep Kumar Kanpur Kakadeo
Second Prashant Soni & Manav Bhadoria Kanpur Kakadeo
Third Japjeev Kohli Lucknow Alambagh
Product Packshot
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Atma Anand Lucknow Indiranagar
Second Rajat Singh Gorakhpur
Third Niharika Gorakhpur
Character Design
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Niharika Gupta Gorakhpur
Second Siddhant Sharma Varanasi Bhelupur
Third Satyam Gupta Varanasi RathYatra
Digital Illustration
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Sneha Sharma Lucknow Gomtinagar
Second Madhumita Singh Varanasi RathYatra
Third Shashank Sharma Lucknow Gomtinagar
Visual Effects Scene
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Manish Sharma, Shabaj Khan Lucknow Aligunj
Second Atma Anand Tiwari, Vimal Verma, Mudit Jaiswal Lucknow Indiranagar
Third Amritansh Sharma , Mayank Singh & Saanu John Lucknow Gomtinagar
Website Design
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Sandeep Narayan Lucknow Hazratgunj
Second Kartik Goyal Agra MG Road
Third Aryan Jaiswal Varanasi Bhelupur
Social Media Video
Prize Winners Name Centre Name
First Abhishek Varshney, Kapil Kumar Aligarh
Second Archit Saxena Moradabad
Third Shristi,Sakshi,Shubham,Sparshi,Foster Moradabad


Congratulations to the winners!