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Arena Orbit Live 2015:Inside Sabu Jose’ Workshop on Editing for Advertising Films

At the Arena Orbit Live 2015, Sabu Jose, Creative Director, Famous Studios, through a workshop on Editing for Advertising, enthralled the students with the in’s and out’s of Editing a VFX ad film, Editing a VFX film with Chroma background, Editing Montage and Editing a Story based film.

To Festivalslive.com, Sabu gives an insight about the tips and tricks that he shared at the workshop “Editing the visual effects and the Chroma background rushes are some new topics, which I put light on. In this kind of editing, the editor needs to imagine the final visual. He has to imagine the background replacement and the visual effects background and giveright timing to it.”

“In montage editing, it is not only about putting good shots together, but one has to hold the audience interest by placing the right sequence or shots in the right place. These kinds of edits also inspire the music director to sync the musicwith the visuals.” Adds more

“Always think of the audience you would be creating the film or advert…If you are editing for television then you should take into consideration that the focus of the audience’s at home is always divertedas they are simultaneously chatting with family members compared to a feature screening at a movie hall without any distractions…”Adds further

“Various picture resolution formats are also important for an editor. One can choose an extreme wide shot in a feature film as it is on large screen, and as the television and computer screen size is small, more close ups and mid shots are required for storytelling.”

Sabu feels that the students at this workshop are enthusiastic and have a hunger for learning, “Students should be given an opportunity to experience real life editing and VFX post production environment.”

Concluding the conversation, Sabu appreciates Arena Orbit Live 2015 by saying, “My experience was very good. In fact it was 200% more than I expected. It was well organized and I really appreciate Arena’s effort to contributein a splendid way to the education industry. I would like to mention the efforts of Puneet Sharma, whose planning and hard work has contributed greatly to the success of this fest.”

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