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Orbit Live’15: A Look into the Experiences of Arena Animation Bapuji Nagar

It’s been a couple of days since the International Animation and VFX Festival ‘Orbit Live’15 ’ of Arena Animation ended on a grander note, but it still very fresh in the minds and hearts of its attendees.

Festivalslive.com caught up with some of the student attendees at this festival to ask them about their experiences and here’s what we discovered…

Rakesh Mishra

Center: Arena Animation Bajupjinagar

It was great to see the presence of so many International delegates, and a fabulous combination of world’s most renowned festival organizers as well as coveted award winning directors. For me, Orbit Live is a creative path, which truly justifies its tagline ‘Hear the Stars, Meet the Stars and Be the Stars’.

I was in love with previous editions, but this edition touched my heart in a much creative way. I loved the session by Prashant Mahanta on motion graphics and timing, Chetan Sharma’s workshop on Character designing, and Darshan Barot’s workshop on Broadcast Design. I thank all of them for taking me through such creative experiences.

At Star Lounge, from the experts, I got to hear about my strengths and weaknesses in the technical and creative areas of Animation, which have nurtured me.

After gaining immense knowledge at this fest, I have gained more confidence and motivation to pursue higher studies in Animation and VFX.


                                                         Siddharth Mehta

                                              Center: Arena Animation Vapi

Truly in love with all the segments of Arena Orbit Live 2015. Presentations and Workshops were a delight and after hearing so many experts I now look forward to make a mark in the field of Advertising and Publishing.








                                                                                                                  Alankaram Narayanan

                                                                                                  Center: Arena Animation  Mulund

Super fantabulous experience! Got to learn about CGI advertisements and Pack shots. Through insightful workshops, learnt the art of creating something small, quick and beautiful works and also realized that one software can be used to execute so many different works.

Very awed and inspired by the beautiful works shown during keynote, workshops and other festival presentations. I got an opportunity to interact with experts behind splendid creations, which has now pumped into me the energy and confidence of dreaming bigger and working harder towards achieving my goals.

Before coming to Orbit Live’15, I was very much focused on 3D, but after attending it, am broadening my horizons.



                             Bhawani Rathore

                       Center: Arena Animation Vapi

Orbit Live’15 helped me explore my talents. I learned how to sketch, voice acting, and motion graphics. Inspired by this fest, I now aim to take up web and graphic designing roles in future.





                                                                                                               Dipika Lingam                                                           Center: Arena Animation    Kandivali                      

Life changing experience! It was an awesome atmosphere, blended with best minds. I was fortunate to be a part of Prosenjit Ganguly’s workshop on Humor Acting. Applying all the aspects taught by him in executing my documentary for a competition.




                                          Nitin Prajapat

                             Center: Arena Animation Vapi

Awesome Arena Orbit Live 2015! Got to learn so many new technical and creative skills. Workshops on 2D animation and Acting for Animation were a sheer delight. I learnt that, Creativity has no barriers, no work should be classified as small or big, and one should try every technical and creative aspect, which will lead to success.




                                                                                                               Ashish Patkar                                                         Center: Arena Animation Vapi

I still remember the Kalakari Creative Kumbh event, which I along with my friends enjoyed to the core.




     Shashank Mondkar

Center: Arena Animation Kandivali

Thank you Orbit Live 2015 for giving me such a lovely, unforgettable experience of the Animation Industry.

The times shared with the animation experts has instilled huge confidence in me to do my best.’Excellent’is the word for Prosenjit Ganguly’s workshop and will apply all his techniques in creating my upcoming documentary.

The festival atmosphere was too amazing. I gained a bank of knowledge and have now decided to work much harder towards making it big in this industry.


Writer: Zeenia Boatwala

Note: This article was originally published on www.festivalslive.com . All rights reserved with Festivals Live. Reproduced here with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission.