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Arena Orbit Live’15: Hall of Experiences & Creative Advices by Int’l Experts

Animation aspirants at Orbit Live 2015 by Arena Animation were treated with a creative combo of presentations, one on one interaction with International experts Mickael Marin, Thierry Dezarmenien, Siobhan Fenton, Penelope Holton, and Eugene KIM.

This fest put up a segment called Star Lounge, wherein winners of the institute’s competition ‘Creative Minds’ were given an opportunity to converse with the experts about their animation, vfx, stop motion shorts and tvc’s

To get a much detailed view of how the overall experience was for the speakers, and their advice for the animation students, Festivalslive.com caught up with them and here you to go to read it…

Mickaël Marin, Head, MIFA, Annecy International Animation Fest

Experience at Orbit Live 2015: Orbit Live is a great event and I recommend it to one and all. It is the very first time that I got to interact with Indian students and found that they are very passionate, determined and want to give in their best.

Star Lounge Session: Students should work more towards improvising their Animation and Storytelling skills. There is a strong need of instilling more emotion into the story and characters.

Advice on submitting films to the Annecy Int’l Animation Fest: Along with technique, which is important to present your film perfectly, one also needs to focus on Storytelling, Characters, and Sound design.

Annecy Int’l Animation fest in Mickael’s view: Our fest gives you a platform to exchange ideas and vision about the Art of Animation. From across the globe, attendees come over to watch the best productions, engage in professional interaction with the Industry to understand the trends.

Animation Trends: At present, the noteworthy aspect is the trend of mixing different animation techniques in one film. I would surely recommend this as it can contribute immensely in beautifully styling your film.


Thierry Dezarmenien, Animator, Mr.Hublot, Oscar Winner for Best Animated Short Film, 2014.

Experience at Orbit Live 2015: It was a great experience. Met so many nice people and friendly students! Very glad to be a part of such an amazing animation event.

Interaction with Students: I see great passion in all of them; they are striving to become great artists.

Advice to the Students: Enhance your talent by dedicating a lot of time towards preproduction; sketching, and live drawing.

Experience of working on Mr. Hublot: We were just aiming to make a great short film by putting all our energy, followed by lot of publicity and communication. Your passion for animation is appreciated, but if you do not talk about your movie, it will hide under a shade. Make efforts to put your short film in the front row and try to find platforms that would screen your short.

Whatever you create, just be inspired, keep working and fame will come by hard work.


Siobhan Fenton- Director of Animex Int’l Partnerships, Teesside University, UK

Experience at Orbit Live 2015: I’ve had a fantastic time! Am very much impressed with the Kalakari Kreative Kumbh event. Enjoyed interacting with students and the idea of Breakfast shorts was amazing too. I found that students are filled with enthusiasm and want to get better and better. The best aspect about this festival is that it is planned at one venue; which helped them to socialize with the industry.

Star Lounge Session: I came across a couple of splendid shorts. Technically they are very sound, but story creation needs a lot of attention. I would like them to improve on consistency, composition as well as style and look of the credits.

Trends in Animation : There are many different format’s of animation coming up like ‘Animation for the Internet’ or roles like being a Producer in the Animation Industry.


Penelope Holton- Deputy section head – Animation & Visual effects, and Senior Lecturer 3D Animation, Teesside University, UK

Experience at Orbit Live 2015: I enjoyed the spirit of the festival and it is an inspiration to the students.

Star Lounge Session: Technical skills are too good. The training which they are getting is really very good. They are very good at Modeling and Texturing. The look of the work is very nice and I also noticed a lovely range of animation mediums like stop motion, 2D and 3D.

There is a need for more innovation, and observation. I taught the students how to link the animation principles with the real world. Character animation is a very important part, giving the character’s life, giving them personality and history, action are very crucial.

Advice:As animation students, you got to think about what you want to do! If you want to take up a job, be a freelancer or have your own start- up. To get into bigger companies, students need to specialize.


Eugene KIM, Programmer, BIAF

Experience at Orbit Live 2015: I am very happy with the festival. I got an opportunity to interact with students, other experts and it means a lot to me.

Star Lounge: I was surprised to witness that there are so many talented women who want to get into animation and am very happy with their enthusiasm.

In my view, Animation and Story should complement each other. If a group of students are working towards creating film, they should assign the responsibility of developing story to a team member, a Story in charge, who takes responsibility of shaping up the flow of the story would be a great idea.

As a Programmer at BIAF Film Festival: I spend my time in watching plenty of films and if a film connects with me then I promote it further. Story, Animation Emotions and Sound are the film selection criteria’s at our fest.

Writer: Zeenia Boatwala

Note: This article was originally published on www.festivalslive.com . All rights reserved with Festivals Live. Reproduced here with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission.