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Arena Orbit Live’15: Close Look into Ranjit Singh’s Pixilation & Story Development Workshop

Stop motion technique ‘Pixilation’ and turning an idea into a full fledged story were the talk points of Animation Director and Author of ‘The Art of Animation Production Management’, Ranjit Singh’s workshop at Arena Orbit Live 2015.

Giving Festivalslive.com a much deeper insight into the workshop, Ranjit, says, “In Pixilation, we examined films including commercials, shorts, music videos and experimental efforts along with discussion on the basic building blocks and fundamentals on how to plan and shoot.”

In the segment on concept, idea and story, Ranjit focused on deconstruction of a story into its basic components to understand the core idea. “We examined the structure of the visual narrative. Taking situations and converting them into stories.”

“Research, Planning, Patience and Perseverance are some of the essential areas that need to be focused on to bring out a successful output,” He shared at the workshop.

We asked Ranjit to share his comments on the interaction that he had with the students, “Found lot of good ideas, those who are interested really make use of the classes at Orbit. Exercises and concepts for workshops that need them to be prepared should start earlier so that when they do come to the event, the interactions are more meaningful.”

Closing the conversation with us, Ranjit opens up on Arena Orbit Live’15 experiences, “It was great! Met old friends and made new. Fantastic organization by the logistics team. Lovely hosts and a great bunch of enthusiastic students…what more do you need for a good event. Waiting for 2016 edition.”

Writer: Zeenia Boatwala

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