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Arena Orbit Live ’15: A Dive into Vaibhav More’s Workshop on Principles of Animation & Character Animation

At the Arena Orbit Live’15, Vaibhav More, Founder of Vaibhav More films, through a workshop on Principles of Animation and Character Animation, enlightened the students with the know how’s of successfully animating a character.

“It is extremely crucial to focus on Character animation, an area, which I feel, is mostly ignored by the students. Through the exercises that I executed, I spotlighted on animation principles and aesthetics, which would help them in becoming good character animators.” Vaibhav shares with Festivalslive.com

“Students need to understand that software is just a tool to enhance creativity.” Adds more

Vaibhav found the student crowd as a very enthusiastic one with having a hunger for creative learning, “They wanted to explore and experiment, which is wonderful thing.”

He feels that more knowledge and commitment will surely help students to achieve greater milestones in the Animation industry.

Concluding the conversation with us, Vaibhav shares about his experiences at Arena Orbit Live’15 “The experience, as always was super fantastic. I m privileged to be part of this fest. It’s a carnival of creative people, which gives you a good chance to interact with professionals and that too at an amazing venue.”

Writer: Zeenia Boatwala

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