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Arena Orbit Live 2015: History & Future of Annecy Int’l Animation Fest by Mickaël Marin

Filled with enthusiasm and excitement about the Animation Industry, Mickaël Marin, Head, MIFA, Annecy Animation Fest at the Arena Orbit Live Int’l Animation and VFX Fest in Mumbai, India, enlightened the animation aspirants and stalwarts with the history, rise and the future of the Annecy International Animation Festival.

Mickaël opened this keynote session by saying, “India is the most incredible country in the world and you should be proud of it”.

He went on to share that the Annecy International Animation Festival made its debut in 1960 and though old, the festival is still very vibrant. “Annecy is still very lively, thanks to audience and the creativity they bring in.”

Initially, Annecy festival was planned for directors from Europe, France, Italy, Spain, and Eastern Europe, who came to the fest to share about their art. The first edition of Annecy received a footfall of 200 and the competition format until 1983 was only for calling for shorts.

The festival saw the addition of TV programme category in 1983, and 1985 witnessed the inclusion of feature film category.

Until 1997, the festival was organized every two years and it became an annual festival in 1998.

2014 edition of the fest received around 2400 film submissions from around the globe and participation of 7000 attendees from more than 80 countries, 300 journalists and screening of 500 movies, both in and out of competition.

“We welcome directors, animators, story boarders, writers, and every person involved in the creative process of animation.” Adds Mickaël

He further shares, “Our fest has different concepts that spark a creative connection between the attendees.”

This festival, since 1985 puts up a very productive international animation film market called ‘MIFA,’ which will celebrate its 30th Anniversary this 2015. “MIFA is platform to launch new projects and to find finances for projects, co-productions for TV programme, features and short films.”

According to Mickaël, the MIFA Recruitment segment is one of the key spotlight’s of this fest, wherein students get an opportunity to catch up with recruiters from DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, and Pixar, Universal Studios and European studios too.“Annecy gives you a clear picture of where the Animation industry is heading and this segment links talent with the animation industry.”

Mickaël points out that a mix between the Art and the Industry make’s this festival a unique one. He is sure that Annecy 2015 will be a special year and one of the best of the last 10 editions, and explains this by saying, “We are going to give a special tribute to Women in Animation and for the first time ever in Annecy’s history, it is an all Women Jury.”

He also unveiled that the 2015 edition artwork will be created by a Portuguese director.

This year, Spain is chosen as the Guest Country for the 2015 edition of this fest, which runs from 15-20 June. “Spain is filled with multiple film projects including feature films; it is a dynamic industry, having refined solutions to create animation movies.” concludes, Mickaël

Writer: Zeenia Boatwala

Note: This article was originally published on www.festivalslive.com . All rights reserved with Festivals Live. Reproduced here with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission.