Arena’s Orbit Live a grand success; features Pixar, DreamWorks, Prime Focus, Toonz & more!

Arena organized its annual Orbit Live event from 9th to 12th January, 2014. Check out the pictures:

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  • Arena's Orbit Live a grand success9
  • Arena's Orbit Live a grand success9
  • Arena's Orbit Live a grand success9
  • Arena's Orbit Live a grand success9
  • Arena's Orbit Live a grand success9
  • Arena's Orbit Live a grand success9

Arena Orbit Live 2014 was a 4-day, fun-cum-learning event organized by Arena Animation at Madh Island, Mumbai. Chris Ford from Pixar, USA and Susan Erokan from DreamWorks, USA, were at the venue to guide & interact with Arena students for all 4 days of the event.

Meanwhile, animation, VFX and gaming industry professionals from across the world too showed up to interact with Arena students, and teach them the skills required to make a successful, creative career.

Arena students stayed at The Retreat Hotel in Mumbai and attended workshops, tech sessions, master classes and seminars, while also working on live projects.

300 students participated in the event and received valuable insights from and about the industry. A few highlights below:

Live projects

Students got once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work on live projects for Karbonn Mobile & to re-create their favourite Hollywood movie in 60 seconds. Conducted by Talenthouse, these live projects saw students racing the clock to animate a logo for Karbonn Mobile and to finish editing & recreating a complete movie within just 60 seconds.

If one of these movies is selected for the Grand Prize, the winner will get to attend the Empire Awards in the UK in March 2014.

Industry interaction

If all the live projects and excitement were not enough, Arena students also interacted with industry veterans from Pixar and DreamWorks Animation, US, as well as other industry experts like Vaibhav More (Vaibhav More Films), Vaibhav Kumaresh (Vaibhav Studios), Roto Shah (Sound Designer & Composer), Prashant Mahanta (WOT Production), Ginilal Salunkhe (VFX artist), Vikrant Batra (UCOL, New Zealand), Siddharth Maskeri (Void Films), Mehul Hirani (ARTO Animation), Prosenjit Ganguly (The Forest Floor Studios) and Meghna Singla (Google India).

During the event, Arena students also got a look at live demonstrations of Pixar RenderMan, Autodesk Maya, and Nuke.

Learning at Orbit 2014

Industry experts conducted sessions and workshops on topics including:

  • Principles of animation by Vaibahv More (Vaibahv More Films)
  • Art of visual expression by Siddharth MaskeriĀ  (Void Films)
  • Compositing by Ginilal Salunkhe (VFX artist)
  • Character design by Vaibhav Kumaresh (Vaibhav Studios)
  • Acting & timing for animation by Vaibahv More (Vaibahv More Films)
  • Color grading for films & TV productions by Vikrant Batra (UCOL, New Zealand)
  • Art of motion graphics by Prashant Mahanta (WOT Production)
  • Camera & visual storytelling by Mehul Hirani (ARTO Animation)
  • Ideating in imagery by Prosenjit Ganguly (The Forest Floor Studios)
  • Foley Sound Design for Animation by Roto Shah (Sound Designer & Composer)
  • Future of Digital Media by Meghna Singla (Google India)

Students were engrossed in various exciting activities during these sessions. From a quick sketching challenge to creating & recording live sounds for an animation film, they remained engaged and captivated by their mentors. The students did not miss a single moment & gained tons of inputs from these creative gurus.

Party all night

While the day was given to learning & projects, every evening, students got to let their hair down & party the night away. On Day 1, they rocked the hotel poolside in ‘The Grind’ and on the second night, made waves on the dance floor with a masquerade party.

Awards Night

After three days of rigorous training and classes, it was time for the students’ hard work to be recognized. The Arena Orbit Awards Night bestowed industry honours on 14 industry biggies, who shared the stage with 20 Arena students who had excelled in various workshops throughout the event.

The outdoor Awards Night also witnessed mind-boggling performances by the Skeleton Dance Group and Rhythm Group who kept the audience rocking, cheering and asking for more.

Winners list

The industry honours winners of Arena Orbit Awards 2014 were:

Award Winner
Visual Effects Valiant for Outstanding Visual Effects in Indian Cinema N. Madhusudhanan, for the movie ‘Vishwaroopam’
Visual Effects Powerhouse for Outstanding Visual Effects in Indian Cinema Red Chillies VFX, for the movie ‘Krrish 3’
India's International VFX Giant for maintaining India's presence in Global VFX Merzin Tavaria, Prime Focus Ltd.
Indian Animation Powerhouse P. Jayakumar, Toonz Animation India
Outstanding Indian Design based IP Charuvi Agarwal, Charuvi Design Labs, for ‘Shri Hanuman Chalisa’
Lionheart of Animation Ranjit Singh, Macmillan Publishers (India) Ltd.
Lionheart of Animation Vaibhav More, Vaibhav More Films
Lionheart of Animation Vipul Bhalala, Zee TV
Lionheart of Animation Ramana P.M.V
Inspiring Animation Inde Pradeep Patil, Roaming Design
Outstanding contribution to Comics & Graphic Novels Ecosystem Anuja Thirani, Sagar Vinod Mulay from Campfire
Indian Animation IP Creator Rudra Matsa, Rudra Matsa Entertainment
Indian Animation Valiant Award for producing an animated feature through CFSI Shilpa Ranade
Outstanding VFX Production in Indian Television Swastik Productions for ‘Mahabharat’


Check out what some of our awardees had to say:

Shilpa Ranade

Shilpa Ranade “This is a very meaningful award since it comes from the industry, and I am truly delighted to be named a winner. Working on my film has been a fulfilling experience. I have always placed great value on indigenous narratives and animation, which is individual and the film gave me the opportunity to explore images, movement and storytelling that is culturally relevant.”
My message to the youth:
“I feel that the young people in animation today should push the medium in a way that shapes and forms what Indian animation stands for. Industry support and endorsement will ensure that Indian animation finally finds a strong voice.”

Charuvi Agarwal, Charuvi Design Labs

Charuvi Agarwal, Charuvi Design Labs “This recognition by my peers is of great significance since they can truly relate to my challenges and milestones that come as a package. And my team is infused with fresh energy with this honour and recognition.”
My advice to young aspirants:
“The software and technology is just the body but the art is the soul. Believe in taking risk and slogging hard. Do the best and better than the best. But be original.”

Jason Quinn, Creative Content Head, Campfire Graphic Novels

Jason Quinn, Creative Content Head, Campfire Graphic Novels “We are proud of our graphic novels but winning this award lets us know that our work is appreciated by our peers. At Campfire, we want to show the world what India can do in the field of graphic art. We believe that India has the best artists in the world and we also believe that the best is yet to come!”

Ranjit Singh, Macmillan Publishers (India) Ltd.

Ranjit Singh, Macmillan Publishers (India) Ltd. “To all the young blood out there, stay true to your passion, think long term and be patient. Love what you do, but don't fall in love with your creation, this alone will allow you to improve your work and make you reach greater heights. Remind yourself daily that for every one of your great, outstanding and faadoo achievements, there are thousands of others all over the world. If you really want to grow as an artist, constructive criticism from experienced people is a must. Seek growth, seek achievements, seek humility and success will follow. Nothing is impossible for a big heart and an open mind.”

Pradeep Patil, Roaming Design

Pradeep Patil, Roaming Design “As a life-long student of yoga, I use my body to experiment with movement and try to bring some of that learning into my films. Capturing movement is the essence of animation. I am fascinated by the complex movement arts that co-exist in India; from classical repertoire, yoga to contemporary dance practices. I study them, explore them and this, in turn, fuels my work. I think each animator has to find that special thing that drives them!”

P. Jayakumar, Toonz Media Group

P. Jayakumar, Toonz Media Group “I find myself extremely honoured to receive such an important award for Toonz, being recognized as the Indian Animation Powerhouse. I am really excited about the future of animation in India. As an evolving market, we are facing a lot of challenges, but we can witness a growing consolidation in the industry.”

Vipul Bhalala, Zee TV

Vipul Bhalala, Zee TV “Being a fine arts graduate, I have always tried to push my limits as an artist in all my work. I try to use the technology available to push the limits of what it can do and it challenges my limits in the process. This perhaps takes my work to the next level. I still feel there is a long way to go and a lot to achieve and I have just started to explore my boundaries.
There is lot of space for quality work and I see that the present generation has the appetite for greater aspirations and the capability to achieve success in their respective fields.”


Jobs & recruiting

On Day 4, Orbit wrapped up with a panel discussion on jobs & recruitments. Students spoke to professionals from Star India, Prime Focus, Red Chillies, Prasad Group, and E Plus Technologies to understand what these companies look for, when hiring for a job role. They got to understand the exact requirements, from resume to show reel to skills, which will help them when they step out to seek a job after their course with Arena.

Good luck to all the students who participated and to Team Arena for making Orbit 2014 a grand success! See you all at Arena Orbit 2015.

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