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How to Design Believable Animated Characters?

Animated movies today showcase characters that look like real-life characters. Such realistic characters are achieved through lot of practice and planning. Character designers plays an important role in replicating life-li...

Dec 22, 2020


The Importance of Good Character Design in Animation

In the year 1914, Winsor McCay released his 'Gertie the Dinosaur' which was to become the very first example of true character animation. Then, in the 1930s, Walt Disney gave special focus to character animation in...

3d Animator
Posted by Anand Sagar Dash |
Apr 27, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers, Tools & Techniques

Do You Need to Know How to draw to be a 3D Animator?

Is drawing important for Animators? This is a frequently asked question by students pursuing a career in 3D Animation. Mostly, we get generic answers to this question. But here we delve into this topic deeper and twist the...




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