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Posted by Payas Gokhale |
May 23, 2022

Skills & Careers

How to Become a Game Developer: 5 Actionable Steps

Game development as a career option is enormously popular among the millennials and Gen Z. These are the generations that have grown up playing video games, right from their childhood with a deep fascination for immersive...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Apr 28, 2022

Skills & Careers

Best Career Options in Game Design and Development in India

The options available to game design and development professionals in India are vast, because of the sheer size of the gaming industry and the steadily growing number of online gamers. The choi...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Apr 20, 2022


Why Animation Technology Is Growing Rapidly?

In this time and age, technology is growing at an unfathomable pace and it’s only set to increase further. There isn’t any sphere of human activity which is not currently being revo...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Mar 24, 2022


Can Animation Be Considered as an Art Form?

The things that usually come to our mind when we hear the word “Art” are paintings, sculptures or even music. But is that it? Has the scope of art expanded beyond that?

Oscar 2020 Winner and Nominees for Best Visual Effects

The Oscar 2020 nominations for best visual effects had the strongest contenders. While the prospects of Disney looked great with three movies, the others had more or less if not equal the chances for a win.


Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Mar 11, 2022

Skills & Careers

AR & VR: The Future of Gaming

Consumption of video games is no longer restricted to teenage boys & girls who are looking for some entertaining pastime when taking a break from playing on the playground. Thanks to ground...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Feb 24, 2022

Visual Effects, Skills & Careers

Why Building a Career in VFX Makes Sense

If you are an artist and wish to see your work on a big screen, Visual Effects aka VFX is a good career option for you. You can work on high-stake projects, associate with the topmost studios a...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 15, 2022


In-Demand Job Opportunities in Animation

In recent times, consumer demands for animated movies have skyrocketed worldwide. In India, there has been a substantial rise in the use of visual effects especially due to the huge successes o...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 10, 2022


Use of Animation in Different Sectors

The history of the origin of animation has led people to perceive that it is just another form of entertainment. But in the current scenario, people of varying age groups have experienced the m...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 01, 2022


Use of animation in e-learning

Animation is extensively used in the field of media & entertainment. But now with the remarkable progress of easily accessible animation software, the world is gearing up for new reforms in...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Jan 27, 2022

Skills & Careers

Best Career Opportunities in Video Gaming Industry

With advancements in game development and a sizeable increase in the number of gamers across different ages & interest groups, the career prospects in gaming are bright for professionals be...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Jan 20, 2022

Visual Effects, Skills & Careers

What to Do After 12th to Become a VFX Artist?

Do you ever wonder what went behind creating the wizards flying on broomsticks in Harry Potter movies or the dragons blowing fire in the Game of Thrones series? What is that green screen that you see all the time in the &l...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Jan 07, 2022

Skills & Careers

Career In VFX: How To Begin

You’ve made up your mind to be a VFX artist and wondering how and where to begin from? Getting into the business of Animation & VFX requires humongous efforts and perseverance. But a career in this domain can be...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Dec 27, 2021


Top Five Animation Software to Learn

It has always been said that it is the artist that makes the difference and not the tool. It does hold true to some extent in the world of Animation as well where every imaginable story is created on a computer. With a div...

Dec 09, 2021

Skills & Careers

Animation Vs VFX

Animation and VFX are two indispensable tools of modern filmmaking. Although animation has been extensively used in media and entertainment content for several years, it is most of the time falsely considered as a part of...

Nov 11, 2021


Designing Baby and Child Characters in Animated Movies/Shows

Recently there has been a significant rise in ‘baby’ characters in animated movies and shows and it’s not a surprise that they are doing exceptionally well not just at the box office but also as merchandi...

Nov 11, 2021

Visual Effects

Blue Screen Vs Green Screen: Explained

As an aspiring VFX Artist, you must have seen tons of behind-the-scenes footage of movies that use advanced VFX techniques to create fascinating visuals for the audience. Some...

Animation Software that the Aspiring Animators Should Consider Learning

Is there a must-learn software that will help you create the highest quality animation? Of course there is more than one. But the real question is, which software you would be most comfortable with. There are many options...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Aug 12, 2021

Tools & Techniques, Web & Graphics

5 Image Optimisation Techniques that Every Aspiring Web Designer Should Know

Research shows that the average time spent by a consumer on a website is 45 seconds. Not minutes, but seconds! And with a million websites dwelling on the Internet, how would one make their visitors stay longer on their we...

Aug 06, 2021

Visual Effects

Why the Action-Packed VFX Sequences of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are ‘Marvel’lous

Whether you are an aspiring VFX professional or a superhero movie enthusiast, you are here because you are impressed by the visual effects of the original MC...

Why Skills & Training are the Key to Starting a Career in VFX

Unlike the olden days, creativity is now swiftly transitioning itself to digital. And in this era the price of software, hardware, and related camera equipment to capture creativity is relatively inexpensive. So much so th...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jun 08, 2021

Skills & Careers

The Differences between Game Designing, Game Art & Game Development

When a game is being created, the first question encountered by the creators is ‘what the game is about’. And the second one is ‘how the game is to be realized’? 

Game designers...

May 19, 2021


5 Pioneers of Early Animation, Before Walt Disney

Today, animation is universal. It has extended beyond television and cinema, and has a wider reach through the Internet, mobile phones, and even out-of-home media. When we think of animation, the first person that invariab...

Get the Basics Right! 12 Principles of Animation (Part 2)

And we’re back! In the previous blog, we covered the first six principles of animation. 

Get the Basics Right! 12 Principles of Animation (Part 1)

Disney remains to be the most popular name in animation, and not without reasons. Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas (two of Disney’s Nine Old Men), in 1981, introduced animators to the 12 basic princip...

Apr 16, 2021

Web & Graphics

Fundamentals of Advertising Design

Advertising is all around us, all the time. Whether we are travelling, watching television or simply browsing various websites & apps on your Smartphone, ads are everywhere. Simply put, advertising is the action of cal...

How to Design Believable Animated Characters?

Animated movies today showcase characters that look like real-life characters. Such realistic characters are achieved through lot of practice and planning. Character designers plays an important role in replicating life-li...

Posted by Puneet Sharma |
Jan 22, 2021

Animation, Skills & Careers

How to Begin a Career in Animation?

A successful animation career continues to remain a mystery to many in India. But it may not be as difficult to discover, after all. The key to a successful career in animation can be found in Three Ps - Practice, Persever...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 20, 2021

Tools & Techniques, Web & Graphics

UX Designing Process Simplified for Absolute Beginners

The Internet-savvy customers today expect a lot from the websites they browse. With intense competition in the digital space, it is now essential for companies and brands to offer a seamless online user experience. 

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 14, 2021

Animation, Skills & Careers

Exciting 3D Animation Careers that You Should Consider

When 'Ice Age', one of the first to come 3D animated movie released, there was a lot of excitement around it. But as technologies developed people involved in 3D animation began working in different areas rather th...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 08, 2021


The 7 Best Animated Characters of All Time Who Never Speak

The most memorable animated characters on the screen are often the ones who say nothing at all. These characters have quite vivid emotions and you could easily tell what is going on with them emotionally. 


Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 07, 2021

Tools & Techniques

The Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: A Quick Overview

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) are quite commonly heard terms these days. What exactly are they? 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or AR enables you to see a real world comb...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Dec 23, 2020

Tools & Techniques

3D Visualization, Its Uses, and Scope

The need for providing better and more competitive visual content has been persistently increasing in recent times. There are hundreds of brands marketing the same product to thousands of people, and logically the best way...

Dec 22, 2020


The Importance of Good Character Design in Animation

In the year 1914, Winsor McCay released his 'Gertie the Dinosaur' which was to become the very first example of true character animation. Then, in the 1930s, Walt Disney gave special focus to character animation in...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Dec 18, 2020

Skills & Careers

Skills that You Need for a Career in the Broadcast Industry

So you have made up your mind to be among the people behind the screen rather than those watching it? What does it take to be in this competitive, yet rewarding, broadcast industry? Here are some personal and professional...

Posted by Anisha Suvarna |
Dec 03, 2020

Skills & Careers

Career Opportunities for Roto Artists

Rotoscoping is one of the oldest animation techniques that allows producing realistic footages. Traditionally, animators traced over motion picture footage, frame by frame. In the visual effects industry, the process, even...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Aug 07, 2020

Visual Effects, Film Making

VFX Studios in India that Made their Name in the Global Cinema

Image courtesy: .frontierstudiosfilm.com

Though Indian movies may be running a bit late to catch up with the global CGI and VFX, many of the popular Hollywood movie production houses choose companies in India for...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Aug 03, 2020

Tools & Techniques

Photoshop vs. Lightroom: Which One to Use & When?

Image credits: expertphotography.com

At first look, Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom might appear quite similar. But each program is designed with a different purpose in mind, and each offers a distinct post-produ...

3d Animator
Posted by Anand Sagar Dash |
Apr 27, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers, Tools & Techniques

Do You Need to Know How to draw to be a 3D Animator?

Is drawing important for Animators? This is a frequently asked question by students pursuing a career in 3D Animation. Mostly, we get generic answers to this question. But here we delve into this topic deeper and twist the...

Medical science
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Apr 23, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers

Popular uses of animation in sectors other than media & entertainment

Almost every day, we see animations in films, TV, ads, and games. However, the use of animation is not just restricted to the media and entertainment industry. Here are some of the sectors that benefits from using animati...

How to create a demo reel that gets you hired
Mar 20, 2020

Tools & Techniques

How to create a demo reel that impresses recruiters?

A demo reel is your ticket to fame. These allow you to showcase your best work to your potential employers. It also shows that you can entertain, make something engaging, and have a lot to offer. 

Now for a...

Should I Join an Animation Institute or Learn Using Online Tutorials?

You’ve spent hours watching animation. You’re awed by how digital art could create such jaw dropping visuals. Now, you can’t wait to learn it and start creating animations for your dream studio! Now the...

VFX Software
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Feb 18, 2020

Visual Effects, Tools & Techniques

Which VFX Software Should You Learn?

You must have heard that learning the art is more important than the software. There’s no doubt in the truth of this statement, but given the time and energy being invested in learning, choosing a tool does have sign...

Did First Man deserve an Oscar for the best visual effects?

Universal studios on 12th November gifted us with a space epic movie - First Man. Directed by Damien Chazelle, this movie dramatises the ‘Giant leap for Mankind’- the moon landing and the biopic of N...

Game Of Thrones (The Bells)
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 06, 2020

Visual Effects, Film Making

Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Visual Effects: Nominees & the Winner

The best visual effects are the ones that never distract the viewers. Today, visual effects is an integral and exciting part of films and television programs, and every so often a few works come out that are VFX game-chang...

New Year resolutions
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Dec 24, 2019

Skills & Careers

New Year’s Resolutions Every Creative Student Should Make

New Year is just around the corner. It is time to make New Year resolutions! While you may have already thought of a few goals to accomplish, here a...

Christmas Movies
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Dec 23, 2019

Film Making, Animation

Feel Good Christmas Movies to Watch

The bells are ringing and Santa is about to gift us very shortly. It sure is a great time of the year! Now that the families and friends have gathered together, it’s time to gather around and watch a few movies that...

The Simpsons (Mad About the Toy)
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Sep 27, 2019

Film Making, Animation

Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program: Nominees & the Winner

Why would you watch cartoons? Well, animated programmes have come a long way from their mere ‘cartoon’ stature. While some are exclusively entertaining, others are informative and have strong messages. Here are...

The Lion King
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jul 26, 2019

Visual Effects, Film Making, Animation

The Lion King: A Game-Changer in Photo-real Animation

The most anticipated remake of Disney has hit the theatres and its release marks the completion of 25 years of the original movie that came out on June 15th of 1994.

The Lion King is not just one of many classic...

Visual Effects in 2019 & Beyond
Jul 09, 2019

Visual Effects

What to Expect in Visual Effects in 2019 & Beyond

The present technological advancement in movies have proven that almost nothing is impossible in the visual effects industry. With the tremendous growth of technology, day by day, there are no limits in filmmaking. We are...




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