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Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Apr 06, 2022


How Animation is Helpful in a Presentation

PowerPoint Presentations certainly make communication more effective and engaging. Be it a corporate manager who wishes to make a business proposal, a teacher who needs to give a lecture in cla...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Feb 24, 2022

Visual Effects, Skills & Careers

Why Building a Career in VFX Makes Sense

If you are an artist and wish to see your work on a big screen, Visual Effects aka VFX is a good career option for you. You can work on high-stake projects, associate with the topmost studios a...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 15, 2022


In-Demand Job Opportunities in Animation

In recent times, consumer demands for animated movies have skyrocketed worldwide. In India, there has been a substantial rise in the use of visual effects especially due to the huge successes o...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Aug 12, 2021

Film Making, Animation

Anime Inspired Hollywood Movies to Add to Your Watchlist

While Hollywood often focuses on remakes, the Japanese anime industry never seems to have run out of original ideas. Below are the top Hollywood movies inspired from anime.



Posted by Puneet Sharma |
Jan 22, 2021

Animation, Skills & Careers

How to Begin a Career in Animation?

A successful animation career continues to remain a mystery to many in India. But it may not be as difficult to discover, after all. The key to a successful career in animation can be found in Three Ps - Practice, Persever...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 14, 2021

Animation, Skills & Careers

Exciting 3D Animation Careers that You Should Consider

When 'Ice Age', one of the first to come 3D animated movie released, there was a lot of excitement around it. But as technologies developed people involved in 3D animation began working in different areas rather th...

Medical science
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Apr 23, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers

Popular uses of animation in sectors other than media & entertainment

Almost every day, we see animations in films, TV, ads, and games. However, the use of animation is not just restricted to the media and entertainment industry. Here are some of the sectors that benefits from using animati...




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