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Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jun 20, 2022

Tools & Techniques, Web & Graphics

UX Designing Process Simplified for Absolute Beginners

The Internet-savvy customers today expect a lot from the websites they browse. With intense competition in the digital space, it is now essential for companies and brands to offer a seamless online user experience.

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Aug 12, 2021

Tools & Techniques, Web & Graphics

5 Image Optimisation Techniques that Every Aspiring Web Designer Should Know

Research shows that the average time spent by a consumer on a website is 45 seconds. Not minutes, but seconds! And with a million websites dwelling on the Internet, how would one make their visitors stay longer on their we...

Social Media Design Tips for Beginners

Customer engagement concepts have been constantly evolving. The surest way to have your customers’ attention is with the help of an eye-catching image. Studios make their movie posters impressive, and ad agencies cre...

Apr 16, 2021

Web & Graphics

Fundamentals of Advertising Design

Advertising is all around us, all the time. Whether we are travelling, watching television or simply browsing various websites & apps on your Smartphone, ads are everywhere. Simply put, advertising is the action of cal...

Mar 19, 2021

Web & Graphics

6 Skills that a Graphic Designer Needs to Build a Successful Career

You might have witnessed a lot of creative book covers, inspiring illustrations, and interactive posters in your day-to-day life. All these, collectively, are graphic designs. In other words, any form of communication that...




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