Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Sep 02, 2022


Can Animation Be Considered as an Art Form?

The things that usually come to our mind when we hear the word “Art” are paintings, sculptures or even music. But is that it? Has the scope of art expanded beyond that?


Get the Basics Right! 12 Principles of Animation (Part 2)

And we’re back! In the previous blog, we covered the first six principles of animation. 

Here we look into the remaining six principles of animation that every animator should know.

While ani...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Jun 20, 2022


What’s the process followed for creating an animated video?

Animation is a systematic activity with a step-by-step procedure. Just a ten-second animation clip could take a whole week to be created from scratch by a team of animators. Any basic course in...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Jun 08, 2022


Why is Animation So Expensive?

Did you know that Tangled (2010), which is the costliest animation feature film ever made had a budget of $260 million? To give you a context, The Avengers (2012), which made use of heavy speci...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Apr 20, 2022


Why Animation Technology Is Growing Rapidly?

In this time and age, technology is growing at an unfathomable pace and it’s only set to increase further. There isn’t any sphere of human activity which is not currently being revo...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Apr 06, 2022


How Animation is Helpful in a Presentation

PowerPoint Presentations certainly make communication more effective and engaging. Be it a corporate manager who wishes to make a business proposal, a teacher who needs to give a lecture in cla...

Posted by Payas Gokhale |
Mar 17, 2022


How Animated Films Are Made?

Did you know that the stampede scene of The Lion King (1994) took almost two years to be created! As an aspiring Animator, you must be curious to know about all that goes into making the stunni...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 15, 2022


In-Demand Job Opportunities in Animation

In recent times, consumer demands for animated movies have skyrocketed worldwide. In India, there has been a substantial rise in the use of visual effects especially due to the huge successes o...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 10, 2022


Use of Animation in Different Sectors

The history of the origin of animation has led people to perceive that it is just another form of entertainment. But in the current scenario, people of varying age groups have experienced the m...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Feb 01, 2022


Use of animation in e-learning

Animation is extensively used in the field of media & entertainment. But now with the remarkable progress of easily accessible animation software, the world is gearing up for new reforms in...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhary |
Dec 27, 2021


Top Five Animation Software to Learn

It has always been said that it is the artist that makes the difference and not the tool. It does hold true to some extent in the world of Animation as well where every imaginable story is created on a computer. With a div...

Nov 11, 2021


Designing Baby and Child Characters in Animated Movies/Shows

Recently there has been a significant rise in ‘baby’ characters in animated movies and shows and it’s not a surprise that they are doing exceptionally well not just at the box office but also as merchandi...

Animation Software that the Aspiring Animators Should Consider Learning

Is there a must-learn software that will help you create the highest quality animation? Of course there is more than one. But the real question is, which software you would be most comfortable with. There are many options...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Aug 12, 2021

Film Making, Animation

Anime Inspired Hollywood Movies to Add to Your Watchlist

While Hollywood often focuses on remakes, the Japanese anime industry never seems to have run out of original ideas. Below are the top Hollywood movies inspired from anime.



Feature image
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jun 02, 2021


An Introduction to 5 Types of Animation

Just like any other form of art, Animation too is varied. As a career field, there are different types of animation and styles as there are animators in this industry.
Setting up a list or stating the...

May 19, 2021


5 Pioneers of Early Animation, Before Walt Disney

Today, animation is universal. It has extended beyond television and cinema, and has a wider reach through the Internet, mobile phones, and even out-of-home media. When we think of animation, the first person that invariab...

Get the Basics Right! 12 Principles of Animation (Part 1)

Disney remains to be the most popular name in animation, and not without reasons. Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas (two of Disney’s Nine Old Men), in 1981, introduced animators to the 12 basic princip...

Mar 26, 2021


Fun Facts about Classic Disney Villains

Importance, often, is given only to the hero, even in animated movies. But what is a hero without a worthy villain? Disney has given us not just some memorable heroes & princess, but also some unforgettable villains. B...

How to Design Believable Animated Characters?

Animated movies today showcase characters that look like real-life characters. Such realistic characters are achieved through lot of practice and planning. Character designers plays an important role in replicating life-li...

Posted by Puneet Sharma |
Jan 22, 2021

Animation, Skills & Careers

How to Begin a Career in Animation?

A successful animation career continues to remain a mystery to many in India. But it may not be as difficult to discover, after all. The key to a successful career in animation can be found in Three Ps - Practice, Persever...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 14, 2021

Animation, Skills & Careers

Exciting 3D Animation Careers that You Should Consider

When 'Ice Age', one of the first to come 3D animated movie released, there was a lot of excitement around it. But as technologies developed people involved in 3D animation began working in different areas rather th...

Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jan 08, 2021


The 7 Best Animated Characters of All Time Who Never Speak

The most memorable animated characters on the screen are often the ones who say nothing at all. These characters have quite vivid emotions and you could easily tell what is going on with them emotionally. 


Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Dec 22, 2020

Film Making, Animation

The Greatest Voiceover Performances in Animated Movies

Image courtesy: Disney/

There are lot of careers in the animation industry . One of the most interesting among...

Dec 22, 2020


The Importance of Good Character Design in Animation

In the year 1914, Winsor McCay released his 'Gertie the Dinosaur' which was to become the very first example of true character animation. Then, in the 1930s, Walt Disney gave special focus to character animation in...

Dec 09, 2020


How to Animate Animals? Here Are 5 Tips for You

The basic definition of animation is brining non-living things to life. These non-living things could be drawings, models, puppets or cut-outs. And these drawings/models/puppets/cut-outs can be of humans, inanimate objects...

Posted by Anisha Suvarna |
Nov 27, 2020

Film Making, Animation

5 Must-Watch Miyazaki Movies and What Makes Them Special

The legendary Japanese animator and storyteller Hayao Miyazaki started his career as a television director in 1971. Over the next three decades, he became one of the best-animated filmmakers in the world. In honour of this...

lip syncing
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Apr 29, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers

Lip syncing made easy for animators

There are certain elements in animation that the audience overlook unless it is imperfectly done. One of them is lip syncing. There's something about the brain's perception of timing that processes character motion...

3d Animator
Posted by Anand Sagar Dash |
Apr 27, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers, Tools & Techniques

Do You Need to Know How to draw to be a 3D Animator?

Is drawing important for Animators? This is a frequently asked question by students pursuing a career in 3D Animation. Mostly, we get generic answers to this question. But here we delve into this topic deeper and twist the...

Medical science
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Apr 23, 2020

Animation, Skills & Careers

Popular uses of animation in sectors other than media & entertainment

Almost every day, we see animations in films, TV, ads, and games. However, the use of animation is not just restricted to the media and entertainment industry. Here are some of the sectors that benefits from using animati...

Should I Join an Animation Institute or Learn Using Online Tutorials?

You’ve spent hours watching animation. You’re awed by how digital art could create such jaw dropping visuals. Now, you can’t wait to learn it and start creating animations for your dream studio! Now the...

Do You Need to Know How to Draw to be a 3D Animator?

Is drawing important for Animators? This is a frequently asked question by students pursuing a career in 3D Animation. Mostly, we get generic answers to this question. But here we delve into this topic deeper and twist the...

Christmas Movies
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Dec 23, 2019

Film Making, Animation

Feel Good Christmas Movies to Watch

The bells are ringing and Santa is about to gift us very shortly. It sure is a great time of the year! Now that the families and friends have gathered together, it’s time to gather around and watch a few movies that...

The Simpsons (Mad About the Toy)
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Sep 27, 2019

Film Making, Animation

Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program: Nominees & the Winner

Why would you watch cartoons? Well, animated programmes have come a long way from their mere ‘cartoon’ stature. While some are exclusively entertaining, others are informative and have strong messages. Here are...

The Lion King
Posted by Sidharth Choudhury |
Jul 26, 2019

Visual Effects, Film Making, Animation

The Lion King: A Game-Changer in Photo-real Animation

The most anticipated remake of Disney has hit the theatres and its release marks the completion of 25 years of the original movie that came out on June 15th of 1994.

The Lion King is not just one of many classic...




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