Kalakari 2016: Kreative Kumbh

Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh 2016

Kalakari is for the kalakars; a wonderful platform for all creative, artistic people to showcase their skills & to learn from senior artists who have already made their mark on the international art scene.

At Kalakari, Arena students get the chance to experience various art forms & interact with experienced & talented students & professionals. You also get the opportunity to showcase your work to senior artists!

Kalakari is the first Kreative Kumbh of its kind in the entire education sphere. At Arena, we understand that an artist does not learn only in the classroom; he or she learns through observation, by being inspired by nature, and by the art created by senior artists who have walked the same path before.

Kalakari 2016

Arena's Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh was full of creative workshops, high energy performances and entertainment sessions. Held in Mumbai on 21st January, 2016, Arena students displayed handmade artworks and other artists put up kiosks showcasing clay works & creative works.


Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh 2016


Students witnessed the exclusive showcase of miniature sculpting by Sachin Sanghe, where he transformed ordinary pieces of chalk into extraordinary miniature art pieces, using just a dissection needle.



Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh 2016


Seminars & workshops were conducted by India's top creative talents, including Atul Bhatkar (technical head, Eplus Studio), Prashant Shahane (lead 3D artist at TRACE VFX), Saumin Patel (concept artist & illustrator), Aviral Jha (graphic designer & illustrator), Sahdev Dave (digital artist & Wacom evangelist), Santosh Sawant (founder & director, Afternoon Films), and Vaibhav More (founder & director, Vaibhav More Studios).

Workshops were held on topics including:

Visual storytelling using lighting & composition New age photography Storyboarding - visual storytelling Mobile art Doodle art Character design Kala-graffiti
Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh 2016


Dance & music performances:

The fun-packed day included brilliant performances by professional artists and dancers from across the country. Chendamelam, live band performances, dance troupe acts, shingari melam, theyyam, fire dance, phew! It is a long list.

Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh 2016


The day ended with the announcement of Kalakri project winners and prize distribution.

Kalakari: Kreative Kumbh 2016

Sounds fun?

Kalakari will return with more entertainment, excitement & learning.

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