Website Designs: What’s Trending This Year?

Whether it may be concerned with more traffic or better user experience, design trend has been evolving to provide websites a fresh look.

If you go through some popular websites, you are sure to get lost in the beauty of their designs. While some designs have stood the test of time (flat and semi flat layout), others have just simply lost their charm. New ideas take their place.

Here are some of the trends that you may witness this year:


1. Custom Illustrations

Abstract sketches and simple engaging doodles are surely going to be very popular with time since it gives the websites a new unique look and feel. It is also gaining popularity due to more accessible plugins of Adobe and free drawing apps.


Custom Illustrations
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2. Minimalism

Though it’s not a latest trend, minimalism has been in favour of making web pages agile and thus faster by removing non-essential flashy designs.

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3.Hand Written Fonts

Users are now opting for better pronounced typography that provides preferable readability. A more unique typography helps in giving the brand the required individuality and tone. And since minimalism is in trend, a clean-cut font comes to force even more.


Hand Written Fonts
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4.Video, Animations & Cinemagraphs

2018 will see a more interactive and engaging Motion UI and may hopefully bring virtual realities and cinema graphs more often. Likewise videos and scrolling animations prove to be a better alternative to images and photographs.


5. Dynamic Colour Scheme:

Vibrant colours are easily admirable on any website. It also attracts traffic and maintains visitors’ attention. 


Dynamic-Colour Scheme


6. AI Derivatives & Chatbots

Who doesn’t want a website to be more supportive and responsive? A dedicated 24/7 customer service would be very fruitful to the website although it is not concerned with artfulness of a website. One way of achieving this is through chatbots.

7. Mobile Optimisation

Given that fair amount of users browse through smartphones it becomes necessary for mobile design to get more developed.




8. Some other noteworthy trends

  • Colour overlays
  • Grid layouts
  • Retro designs
  • Refined web apps

The digital customers’ appetite for rich content continues to grow. This means there is increasing demand for trained and skilled graphic web designers and developers. Are you ready to be one of these in-demand professionals? Learn to design & develop creative graphics for websites, digital ads & more, and start today.


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