Top 5 career opportunities in digital communication industry

People today access information over a wide variety of media channels. But of late, digital communication has proved to be the most powerful driving force in the market. The younger generation, in particular, wish to not only experience the world via multimedia but also communicate effectively through it. This is why digital communication has become an integral part of the curriculum of every marketing class in the world. From Facebook to the e-paper of Times of India, effective digital communication allows a person to absorb more information in one day as compared to a person in the 1850s.

Due to all these reasons, digital communication design is also fast becoming a coveted industry when it comes to high-paying job opportunities. Organisations are demanding trained professionals, especially for the online platform. In this post, we will look at the top five job profiles in the digital communication industry today.

Web designers

Web designers often work independently & take up contracts with businesses to create, maintain and update the latter’s websites. Large companies may hire full-time or part-time web designers to maintain websites that are constantly changing. Work hours are often inconsistent but the upside is that this allows web designers to work from home. In addition to excellent computer skills, web designers must be self motivated, creative, and up-to-date with the latest technologies & developments.

Desktop publishers

Desktop publishers put together print & other visual aids in an aesthetically pleasing way. The work involves duties like editing pictures & charts, spacing the text & choosing the correct layouts and colours for the project. Sometimes, desktop publishers may even design graphics. Newspapers, magazines & other print publishers hire desktop publishers. The job involves working in shifts as hourly or salaried employees in an office.

Advertising designers

Advertising designers employ creativity on computer programs to create advertisements that reach out to a specific target market based on a variety of social & cultural factors. The job involves drawing rough or basic ad sketches, by either using computer software or by hand, and presenting those to the employer for selection. Jobs in large companies follow a hectic work week, but employees also have the option to work freelance or on a contract basis.

Graphic designers

Graphic designers use their creative skill to churn out aesthetically pleasing images & graphics with the help of computer programs such as Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Graphic designers can work in a wide variety of companies such as publication houses, web design companies, and even photo studios. Jobs can vary from having consistent work hours in large companies to freelancing for small & medium enterprises.

Animation artists

Animation artists are sometimes the most sought after employees in the market. Their job involves working with complicated computer software to produce moving images in the animated form. Animation artists can also work in a wide variety of companies such as film production houses, TV channels, advertising industry & many more. Animation artists usually work in consistent hours & are employed full time by the company.

The digital platform is no longer a sidekick to the real world. People & organisations are fast moving to the digital platform. This is the right time to build a successful career as a digital communication designer. You can choose to specialise in a specific field or train in multiple mediums. All you need to do is get the right training from a reputed institute who can guide you on the right path.

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