Ten Things You Did Not Know About Shaun the Sheep

Animation is not limited to the Disney/ Pixar style of animation. Another popular style of animation is clay animation, or, as it is known in the industry, claymation. The recent release, Shaun the Sheep & its success proved that audience are ready to accept all kinds of animation, if the story is interesting & the characters are engaging.

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Shaun the Sheep has long been a popular series on television. With the first movie version adding to its popularity, here are 10 unknown facts about this Aardman Animations presentation:

  1. Shaun first appeared in the 1995 short film Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave. The character became popular enough & got his independent TV series in 2007, which was broadcast in over 180 countries.
  2. Although we see only one Shaun & a lot of other sheep, in reality 21 Shaun puppets were created for the movie. It took more than 10 days to make a 17cm tall Shaun from scratch.
  3. From the idea to the final film, it took four years to make the film. Over this period, 116 sheep were created & it took about 45 minutes to re-fleece one sheep.
  4. There were 17 animators working on the film. As claymation is a form of stop-motion animation & requires each movement to be filmed individually, an animator could complete only two seconds of film in one single day.
  5. How much wool would it take to make a flock? The animators used over 80 meters of fleece to create Shaun’s flock.

Source: Shaun the Sheep

  1. Since the characters were made of clay & the fleece was stuck on to them, additional care had to be taken to make sure that they did not boil, literally, due to the lights on the set. The production team had to spray the puppets with diluted PVA glue to avoid any ‘boiling’ on the set.
  2. Stop-motion animation is more time consuming than 3D animation. To achieve this great feat, 549,777 frames were made for the film & a whopping 79, 237 storyboards were drawn. Approximately, 5.5 billion pixels in total.
  3. Despite having a crew of over 200 people, the pre-production & post-production of the movie took a total of one year & ten months to complete.
  4. Nick Park, the original creator of Shaun the Sheep, pulls of a Hitchcock moment in the movie with a cameo appearance.

Source: www.radiotimes.com

  1. The film pays homage to other popular movies, nursery rhymes & grandmother tales. Falling asleep while counting sheep forms an important part of the story, a scene features a cat whose behaviour resembles Hannibal Lector, and the cow jumped over the moon, literally.

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