Game of Thrones Wins Hearts; VFX Emmy Awards Too

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Game of Thrones, HBO’s mega franchise remains popular for its intriguing storyline, amazing visual effects and remarkable cast. GoT won an impressive sixth Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for outstanding special visual effects, for the episode ‘Beyond the Wall’, defeating fellow nominees Altered Carbon, Lost in Space, Stranger Things and Westworld. The show is certainly improving every season and there is no denial that GoT is a great example of the perfect use of green screen.

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It is evident that there’s a trend towards higher quality TV shows. Whether that’s with HBO, Netflix or Amazon. As the early 2000’s rolled in, audience were awed when a fully rendered CG character appeared on the big screen, but as of now even mid-budget shows have dissolved the limitations of CGI to movies. Now TV shows rely on visual effects artists as they can create realistic fire, crowd scenes, fictional characters and far off locations.

Image courtesy: HBO 

Season 7 as said by the VFX supervisor Bauer had been the most challenging of all the seasons.

Featuring the zombie polar bear, the army of zombie wights, and the most complex dragon work till date convinces clearly that skilled visual effects artists who have converted George R.R. Martin’s medieval fiction battles as realistic as possible and keep pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling further.

Although Bauer said he was really happy with episode four of season 7, ‘The Spoils of War’ (in which Daenerys’ dragons and Dothraki army laid waste to Jaime’s Lannister’s army), ‘Beyond the wall’ won because it had more variations to the visuals. This was Bauer’s fifth time to win an Emmy for visual effects.

Image courtesy: HBO 

Also let’s not forget to acknowledge that Indians have frequently been a part for the visual success of this show.

Neil Safeer Ghaznavi, from Calcutta, was a member of the team that won the Emmy award 2014 for their outstanding work on special and visual effects in Game of Thrones. And did you know that Daenery’s dragons are made in Mumbai? An Indian subsidiary of Prana Studios – a 3D, visual effects and animation company based in Los Angeles is the creator of those photorealistic CGI beasts.

This just proves that you too can become a CGI and Visual Effects Artist if you have the passion for it and gets the right training.  

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