Career Counselling with Virtual Reality at Arena Animation: A Game Changer!

Virtual Reality

You will probability never go to the moon, visit the Louvre Museum in Paris or engage in a deep-sea exploration. But with Virtual Reality (VR), you might be able to do all these things without even leaving your home.

From the release of Google Cardboard to Oculus, Virtual Reality has grown immensely. What once was a science fiction is now a promising technology.

Uses of Virtual Reality

One of the most obvious uses of VR is in the media & entertainment industry – for entertainment. However, there are numerous other areas where Virtual Reality is being used. Military simulations, airline pilot training, scientific research, helping autistic children to develop social skills, etc. are some of the uses.

Career counselling with VR at Arena Animation

As the pioneer media & entertainment institute that brings the latest technologies & learnings to students, it is not surprising that Arena Animation has integrated Virtual Reality as a part of the free career counselling.

Arena Animation offers a virtual walkthrough that helps media & entertainment career aspirants and their parents understand the industry better.

An animation industry jargon like ‘texturing’ may be hard to understand. However, seeing the process of texturing in a virtual reality world can educate the viewer easily. It could also be an amazing experience. With the help of VR headsets at Arena Animation centres, the career counsellors can take every prospective student and their parents through the processes of animation, VFX and more.

What you need to do?

Whether you are unsure of which creative career to choose or you have made up your mind of becoming a 3D animator, a VFX Artist or a Game Designer, step into your nearest Arena Animation centre. The career counsellor will give you a one-on-one counselling session. Then comes your Virtual Reality tour! You and your parents can enjoy the VR counselling and make an educated decision regarding your future.

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