Animated vs. Live Action Movies of Disney


Animated vs. Live Action Movies of Disney
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With the advancement in CGI and VFX fields, re-releasing and adapting classic animated movies to live action films has been a thing for Disney Studios. We’ve seen a whole range of these – The Beauty and The Beast, The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and The Sleeping Beauty. It’s been more like a revival era for the fans. But let’s face it, though their adaptations go on making millions worldwide, they may not always be the best movies.

Disney’s animation dominates live-action, often

Animation is more engaging

Bad CGI distracts and often ends up drawing the viewer out of the story. Animation overshadows CGI by not mimicking realism, but by letting you engage in it as a straight fantasy movie.

Similarly, repeated use of a similar type of CGI doesn’t excite viewers. This is one of the reasons why Alice Through the Looking Glass failed.

Animated vs. Live Action Movies of Disney2
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Closer to the book

If you love reading, chances are that you love animation too. Pure animation gives us a direct book taste. Something which can’t be achieved in live action.

No dependency on cast

Walt Disney Studios has always been known for their extraordinary group of animators and artists. When it comes to live-action movies, one bad casting could bring down the whole movie.

So the major question is – “Is Disney taking any creative risk with their live-action remakes or just leaching out on nostalgia?”

By the way, the next movie on release is an adaptation of Winnie the Pooh! Yes, that yellow bear with a red shirt and without pants is finally getting his own movie!

Instances where live action seems better

Animation is often labelled as children’s stuff

People don’t take animation movies seriously unless it garners much attention or becomes popular through the critic reviews. Mostly, people think that animation is a medium exclusively for children.

CGI & VFX can now achieve the unachievable

When the 1996 live-action film 101 Dalmatians was made based on Walt Disney’s animated 1961 movie, it had too many limitations. But in 2016 when ‘The Jungle Book’ won an Oscar in the Best Visual Effects category, no one was actually surprised. Disney managed to create a virtual magic that made a jungle full of animals talk.

Animated vs. Live Action Movies of Disney3
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Live action makes it more relatable

Seeing real people, real snow, and real fire makes it easier for the audience to make themselves comfortable with the story. And the more relatable a film is, the better chances it has to be a box-office success.

Adapting an animated movie to a live-action movie is however a tough job. Right from the scripting, a lot of things has to be thought through. Disney has gone to the length of making major changes with regards to the characters. While Maleficent was a villain in the animated version, she became a good one in its live-action counterpart.

Do you prefer Disney’s animated movies or their live action remakes? And why? Let us know in the comments below.

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