10 Google Doodles for creative inspiration

Have you ever gone to the Google search engine homepage and instead of their normal logo, see a fun, colourful and often interactive version of the Google logo? That’s a Google Doodle. Google celebrate holidays & festivals or pay tribute to famous people and historical events using these amusing doodles. They are a feast for the eyes.

It all started when company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin added a stick figure to the logo of Google to let their employees know that they were busy attending the Burning Man festival. This lead to a wonderful idea and a team for Google Doodles.

Let’s take a look at ten of the most interesting Google Doodles so far.

1. Pacman 30th anniversary:

A game of Pacman on your web browser? What more could you ask for? This simple but strangely addictive game loved by people of all ages made it to the Google Doodle on its 30th anniversary. Reportedly an estimated 5.3 million hours were spent playing this game.

Pacman 30th anniversary


2. Electric Guitar Doodle

This Doodle was dedicated to the famous Jazz guitarist Lez Paul on eve of his 96th birthday. The Doodle enabled people to play, record and share their riffs on a small electric guitar.


Electric Guitar Doodle


3. Google Cricket Doodle

This Doodle was made to amuse the cricket fans for 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. The web browsers played the game on Google to score the highest run.

Google Cricket Doodle


4. Discovery of X-Rays

To mark the 115th Anniversary of discovery of X-Rays, Google created a logo that pulsed with a radioactive glow when the mouse hovered over it.

Discovery of X-Rays


5. George Boole’s 200th birthday

In an animated sequence, the Google Doodle depicted Boole’s contribution to the world. Boole’s development of ‘Boolean logic’ paved the way for the computer age.




6. Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary

This was more than just a doodle. It was an interactive game with many twists, turns, and stages to match the real Doctor Who adventure. Fun fact – This doodle was requested by a Google employee who was a big fan of Doctor Who series. Who isn’t by the way?



7. Discovery of Earth like planets

When NASA announced the discovery of seven exoplanets that are the neighbours of Earth, Google put up a cute little earth looking out for friends through a telescope.



8. London Olympics doodle

There were a series of Doodles that were designed to support the Olympics 2012. These interactive games including basketball, hurdles, archery and football kept people engaged for days. Each game became more challenging as the user goes on scoring.


9. Snake game

Remember the Snake game? You can play it in Google Doodle with a simple mission – to get your snake to eat as many apples as possible and grow its size without hitting its body anywhere.

Snake game


10. Hedy Lamarr’s 101st birthday

Doodle of Hedy Lamarr is quite Interesting. The Doodle showcased an animated life story of actor turned inventor Hedy Lamarr who patented the Frequency Hopping System to help out her nation during World War II. Though the technology was not used in the war, it was later utilised in telecommunication applications.



What does these Google Doodles tell us? Use of graphics and animation is not restricted to conventional purposes! If you are creative and have a vivid imagination, there is no limit to what you can do.

Would you like to make such doodles and animations on your own? All you need is the right skills. With the help of a career course in animation, you can acquire the skills and a creative future.

Which is your favourite Google doodle? Let us know in the comments below.

Image courtesy – Google


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