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Arena Animation centre at Borivali West, Mumbai

Arena Animation centre, located at Ganjawala Lane, Borivali West is at 5 minutes of walking distance from the Borivali railway station. The faculty here not only has experience and teaching skills, but also pay special attention to every student’s day to day learning activities. High-end infrastructure, upgraded software and job placement assistance are the highlights of this centre.

Arena Animation centre address:

501 - A, Bhoomi Saraswati Bldg.,
Ganjawala Lane,
Borivali West, Mumbai - 400092,
India, Maharashtra
Phone No: 022-28918989/ 022-28953311

Highlights of the Borivali West centre:

At this centre, learning is not just confined to classroom settings. Here are a few reasons why students chose Arena Animation, Borivali West, for their education:

Events & Activities

The centre regularly conducts co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that help students gain knowledge and skills, while having fun. Some of the events & activities conducted lately are:

Clay Modelling & Stop Motion Mega Event

This event was conducted with the aim of helpingstudents learn the classic form of animation - ‘stop motion using clay models’. Students created clay models, used a camera to film the clay animation, and usedsoftware to put together the individual shots to make the final movie. Thefaculty trained and guided students at every stage, right fromconceptualisation to entry submission. The winners were awarded prizes.

Clay Modelling & Stop Motion Mega Event

Logo Designing

Logo Designing event included a seminar as well as a hands-on practice session. Students learned the principles of logo designing, such as observing the shapes, editing them, colour coding and working as per the clients’ needs. Students came up with creative concepts and numerous logo layouts during the event.

Logo Designing

Projection Mapping

A seminar was conducted on projection mapping, which included a practical demonstration and a session on displaying motion graphics video on multiple surfaces using a projector. Use of such a ground-breaking technology at the centre gives students the opportunity to learn the latest developments in the industry.

Production Pipeline

Production Pipeline is an important principle that every student in the media & entertainment industry should be aware of. It is the step-by-step process involved right from the inception of an idea to the final output. Having knowledge about this process gives an added advantage to students when working in any production studio or company. Arena Animation Borivali centre conducted a seminar on the basics of production pipeline and how they are used in the graphics and animation industries.

Production Pipeline

Doodle Day

Doodling can be creative and fun at the same time. On the Doodle Day, Arena Animation Borivali centre offered a platform for students to connect with their creative, playful self. These creative doodles by Arena students were featured by some international websites.

Doodle Day

Student Presentations

Arena Animation Borivali centre dedicates a day, every month, for student presentations where they showcase their works and receive feedback from the faculty. Apart from feedbacks and motivation to improve, these sessions help students gain confidence and address audience. Such grooming comes to the students’ aid when they face recruiters at an interview.

Youth Day Celebration

Youth Day Celebration

On the Youth Day, the students of Borivali centre prepared a skit on the topic, Today’s Interviews. A fun-filled storytelling method and great acting by the students made this event a success. Students invited their friends to cheer them. The Centre Director Avinash Vyas and Centre Head Manish Damohe enjoyed the skit and provided valuable feedback to the students.

Diwali Celebration

On Diwali, the centre organised a range of creative activities like centre decoration using best out of waste, diya painting and candle decoration. Students created rangolis too.

Diwali Celebration

Job Placements

The centre prepares students for technical & verbal interviews. As a result of such training, students of Arena Animation Borivali centre has been placed in leading companies including Prime Focus World, Prime Focus India, Famous Studio, Rustomjee Academy for Global Careers, Powerweave, and Eccentric Engine. They are working in these companies as game developers, compositing artists, graphic designers, 3D visualisers, 3D modeling and texturing artists, photo retouching artist and video editors.

Student Speak

Kim Chakraborty student - Arena Animation, Borivali

Kim Chakraborty, who is pursuing an animation course at Arena Animation Borivali (W), Mumbai, says:
“I am inspired by animated films, especially the ones by Disney. So I opted for an animation course which will provide me better animation career opportunities. My faculty always support me and clear by doubts at any point. Also, my soft skills have developed. Today, I get to do many professional projects that helps me out to work in a real industry environment. I am studying with the ‘masters’ and rely on them as much as possible to find the best of me.”

Siddhant Sharadkumar Salvi student - Arena Animation, Borivali

Siddhant Sharadkumar Salvi, who is pursuing the digital marketing course at Arena Animation Borivali (W), Mumbai, says:
“I have opted for digital marketing because I think it is one of the most growing industries today. The faculty support I get is amazing. The faculty help me gain knowledge which is not just related to software. The projects that I have done so far have been challenging, but have helped me enhance my skills. Arena Animation Borivali has a fun environment to study. We enjoy the events here and learn with great enthusiasm.”

Manav Samani student - Arena Animation, Borivali

Manav Samani, who is pursuing a VFX course at Arena Animation Borivali (W), Mumbai, says:
“I basically love photography and compositing. That is why I have opted for a VFX course, so I can learn the compositing techniques and apply it to my works. My faculty always support me whenever I have doubts. The projects provided to me helps me learn the techniques and also develops my soft skills.”

Jagruti Sawant student - Arena Animation, Borivali

Jagruti Sawant, who is pursuing a print & publishing course at Arena Animation Borivali (W), Mumbai, says:
“I have opted for print & publishing. I love to sketch and wanted to enhance my skills. I also wanted to make my career in this field. The print & publishing course helps me learn how to digitise my sketches and visualisation. I get the faculty support whenever I need it. I have boosted my confidence and gained the required software skills. Borivali center has a friendly environment and I am glad to be a part of it.”


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