Animation in television commercials


When we hear of animation, we often think only of movies. A few may think of games. But we rarely associate animation with the television industry. But the fact is that today animation in television commercials is the second largest revenue generating industry after movies. The main target of television commercials is to make maximum … Read more


Pokémon Go: Future or Fad

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is the latest thing to break the internet, and quite literally. The latest mobile app (available on both Android & iOS) has moved outside the mobile screen, and has became the number one game in a record time, beating Candy Crush Saga & Farmville. But is this the future of digital technology or just … Read more

Importance of certification


We have often received queries about certification & degrees. Although we understand the need of a degree/certification from a popular college, we cannot stress enough on the importance of professional training. Arena Animation is not a University and does not award degree/ diplomas. But this does not mean that we are not a qualified institution. On the contrary, … Read more