5 examples of virtual reality as a part of animation

Virtual reality in animation is the new buzz word. Virtual reality has changed the face of the gaming industry, and is fast changing the face of the animation & VFX industry on the whole. The sheer thought of being part of the very game or movie that you enjoyed is simply overwhelming. Whether this is … Read more


Branding humour: The fun side of working in the advertising industry


Advertising is no longer about boring print ads, long texts, and colourless images. Print ads have come a long way, and today form a very important & interesting part of branding & packaging. Working in the advertising industry gives talented individuals a lot of opportunities to showcase their creativity. So if you plan to work in the … Read more

Things that fashion websites can teach web designers


Online fashion brands/ e-commerce websites have totally changed the online shopping game. They have heavily influenced the online purchase behaviour of consumers. The main attraction of these websites lies with bright product images, along with 360 degree view to give the customers a complete feel for the product. Keeping this in mind, we take a look … Read more

Back to basics: Principles of animation (Part 1)

Disney remains the top name in animation not without reason. Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas (two of Disney’s Nine Old Men) introduced animators to the 12 basic principles of animation in their book, The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, in 1981. Although, animation evolved over the years, these twelve concepts never got outdated. … Read more

Five fun industries to work in as a graphic designer

Graphic designing job opportunities

It is a long-standing myth that graphic designing job opportunities are limited to ad agencies & design studios. A graphic designer’s job is to make communication simpler using visual solutions. That is why graphic designers are required in every field that involves visual messaging, be it in the form of print, digital, promotional displays, brand logo, … Read more