Oscars 2016: Surprise winner in the VFX category

When Mad Max: Fury Road scooped up six Oscar trophies one after another, not many were surprised. This was expected – considering the sheer brilliance of the film. (If you haven’t watched Mad Max yet, go watch it for the sheer awesomeness of the film’s visual effects!)

But when Ex Machina was announced the winner in the ‘Best VFX’ category, it was the biggest surprise win of the evening. This was huge, totally unexpected!

Prior to the Oscar Awards ceremony, Ex Machina was thought to be one of the least likely nominees to win the Award. Most people thought the winner would be The Martian or at least, Mad Max: Fury Road, or even Stars Wars: The Force Awakens. But in the end, the big win proved that it doesn’t matter who you are pitted against or that your budget is ridiculously low (by Hollywood standards). What matters is the work you do with that tiny budget. And the team behind Ex Machina’s superbly crafted sci-fi effects proved their skills through this win.

Congratulations to Team Ex Machina, from Team Arena Animation!

Check out this awesome CGI VFX breakdown of Ex Machina:


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