Got a month? That’s enough to develop your skills!

Selecting the best possible training course is one of the most important and challenging decisions you will make in your life. When choosing an appropriate educational course to pursue – besides the subject – you must also keep in mind the estimated duration of the course. For instance, in the field of graphics & animation, courses with a concentrated and narrow focus such as VFX or Web & Graphics will have shorter duration as compared to courses such as Animation or Gaming which have a broader goal and will possibly include several modules. Some institutes also offer shorter versions of existing long-term courses to help those who are starved of time.


Let’s take a look at the two categories of courses in more detail.

  • Long duration courses
    Long-term courses have the same approach as a college degree. If you choose Commerce in college, for example, you have multiple subjects, semesters, term-end exams, etc. all related to a career in Commerce. Long-term courses, also known as Career courses, get into the subject in great detail. These courses prepare you more thoroughly and deal with all aspects related to a career in your chosen field. These courses may even include a number of smaller modules and each module will prepare you for a certain area of your subject/ topic. Choose a long-term career course when you are serious about working and making a successful career in this field.
  • Short duration courses
    A short duration course, also called a short-term course, offers fast, intensive training that helps develop your skills in one particular area or segment of your chosen career. Such courses are ideal if you want to learn the subject but cannot commit too much time to it. You can choose one short-term course at a time, then go on to other, related short-term courses to build your expertise. This approach helps you gain more and more skills as you go along, helping you stay current and grow in your job/ career.

So, what if you have just one month of time? Are there courses for you? Yes, absolutely! You can develop your skills in your spare time, even if you go to college or continue in your job.

Simply check out some courses based on how much time you can spare and select the one you deem fit!

Happy learning!


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