The rise of the Turkish animation industry

Turkish animation industry

Move aside Pixar & Disney, here comes the Turkish animation industry. Few are aware of the boom that has taken place in the Turkish animation industry in recent years. In spite of the economic turbulence in the country, their craft is being noticed across the globe. We take a look at why this country is … Read more


Top 5 Miyazaki movies and what makes them special


Another false alarm from legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and we couldn’t be happier. Back in 2013 when Miyazaki announced his retirement (for the sixth time), animation enthusiasts around the world prayed for it to be a rumour. But over the last three years, people had come to believe that this time may be permanent. However, … Read more

How is virtual reality changing the face of Hollywood? (Part 2)


In our previous post we mentioned how Hollywood is slowly adapting VR films, and improving our movie-watching experience. But there is more to a VR film than you can imagine. Stereoscopic film is no child’s play True that anyone can get their hands on a GoPro camera and start shooting 360° content. But the real … Read more

How is virtual reality changing the face of Hollywood? (Part 1)

Virtual reality movies

First there was make-up & special effects, then there were visual effects, and now there is virtual reality. Movie watching experience is changing every single day. With virtual reality slowly making its way into the mainstream, the film making process is changing in a huge way as is the experience of viewers. Slowly but surely, … Read more

Branding humour: The fun side of working in the advertising industry


Advertising is no longer about boring print ads, long texts, and colourless images. Print ads have come a long way, and today form a very important & interesting part of branding & packaging. Working in the advertising industry gives talented individuals a lot of opportunities to showcase their creativity. So if you plan to work in the … Read more